Pro-Slaughter Measures in KY

Horse protections eroded if Kentucky legislature passes a new bill.

Pro slaughter at it again!

This is a very dangerous piece of legislation which just passed in Kentucky’s state house agriculture committee.

Those who truly care about equine welfare in Kentucky need to continue pressure on their state legislature NOT to pass this bill as well as the governor to veto it if needed.

Read more from The Horse Fund here.

Wild Horse Atrocities Exposed

Wild horses next to bison at the Beef Belt Feedyard in Scott City, Kansas in 2014, Photo Credit: WHFF

We thank our friends at Wild Horse Freedom Federation for their diligence in exposing wild horse atrocities.

The government must be held accountable for their ongoing carnage of America’s treasured icons of the West.  There are no excuses!  Not now, not ever.

More information here:

USDA Removes Animal Welfare Records from Website

2015 Soring Investigation
Appalling USDA action further threatens anti-soring efforts

Last Thursday, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (part of the USDA) removed several categories of information from their website, where the information had previously been available to the public to review.

This information included lists of violations of the Animal Welfare Act and the Horse Protection Act (which covers soring only).

This action is shocking and outrageous for protecting animals including horses covered by the Horse Protection Act (HPA).

Emergency Times Three

Winter dumps horses at low-end kill auction…

Meet Sherlock

Sherlock was found at a Colorado auction last week. Very thin and afraid, this poor boy has some unusual health issues. His enlarged jaw made us fear severe injury, fracture or the result of an untreated dental infection. But just as concerning is his inability to retract his penis into the protective sheath… the tip and several inches are both swollen and frostbitten. I cannot imagine his pain!

Will you help Sherlock? He’s only 4 years old!


We need $2,500 to provide surgery to remove severely damaged tissue to his penis which will be able to heal and have normal function as well as to help with other rehabilitation costs including feed, farrier, and much needed dental care. Please help Sherlock!

Emergency Donation:

If you’d like to donate by check or money order, please click here.

Meet Hanna and Josie

Sisters Hanna and Josie were huddled with their pregnant mother and father (intact stallion) at a Colorado auction. Little Josie was still nursing and had never been weaned. She was abruptly separated from her family after all were sold during the bidding to new owners. Fortunately, the man who bought Hanna asked us if we wanted her (he had only bid to keep her from the kill buyer). Reuniting the two helped both young fillies as their world had been turned upside down. We could not let these youngsters go to the filthy, disease-ridden kill lot in northern Colorado where countless horses have been sickened by illnesses for years.

Young horses are costly and we have many mouths to feed this winter. Please help us with feed, vet, and training (basic handling) expenses as our budget has been stretched thin by other expenses.

unnamed (1)

Fast Donate for Hanna and Josie:

Mail in for the young fillies to get them on the right track! Please click here for the Reply Form.

We truly value your loyal support of our work.

Working together we have changed many horses’ lives for the better!

For the horses,

P.S. – We’d like to schedule Sherlock’s surgery as soon as possible before Colorado has any more “arctic” blasts. Even an enclosed barn can’t keep out that kind of cold. Please send your most generous gift today! Thank you.


Update on horse slaughter!

The Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act, H.R. 113, has been reintroduced in the new Congress.

Horses at an auction frequented by kill buyers
Horses at an auction frequented by kill buyers.

The SAFE Act will prohibit the slaughter of our horses for human consumption in the U.S. and their export for slaughter.

The bill protects consumers from exposure to toxic horsemeat which was one of the primary arguments in our lawsuits at the federal and state level to ban horse slaughter.

Thanks go to the following Representatives for reintroducing this bill to end a horrific cruelty to America’s horses:

  • Vern Buchanan (R-FL)
  • Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)
  • Ed Royce (R-CA)
  • Michele Lujan Grisham (D-NM).

Please contact your federal Representatives to co-sponsor H.R. 113 now! You can find your rep through

Read more at Vern Buchanan’s website here.


When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon donates to the charitable organization of your choice.

Your Cyber Monday shopping can help us with upcoming veterinary expenses for Pete, Benji, Serena, Gidget, Waylon, and Tango.

Shoppers who use can get the same great deals by using the link to help charities through

Just use the Amazon link above and type in Front Range Equine Rescue as the charity to benefit from a percentage of your purchases.

It costs nothing extra to you but helps our horses in a big way!

 A nose buried in fresh hay is something to be thankful for.

A nose buried in fresh hay is something to be thankful for.

Help Meet Winter Hay Needs:

Have you heard of #GivingTuesday? The Tuesday after Thanksgiving has become part of a national movement during the holidays dedicated to charitable giving.

The goal of #GivingTuesday is to bring together retailers, charities, online groups, community centers, individuals, and families to participate in one common purpose — to help others and encourage ways to give more, give smarter, and celebrate the great American spirit of generosity through charitable contributions and volunteerism.

Kicking Off #GivingTuesday with a Matching Gift Offer!

Front Range Equine Rescue received a matching gift offer from a very compassionate and generous donor. If we can raise $1,500 by midnight on November 29 (#GivingTuesday), she will send us $1,500!

Can you help us meet this very generous offer so we can purchase a winter hay supply?

We are just 370 bales shorts of our 1,000 bale goal to feed our rescue horses in CO and VA over the coming months.

Donate safely online here:

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P.S. – You can double the amount of your contribution with a matching gift from your employer! Please check with the human resources department to see if your company offers a charitable gift match program.

We truly value your loyal support of our work.

Working together we have changed many horses’ lives for the better!

For the horses,


Going on the Offensive!

2017 does not bode well for America’s horses, domestic or wild.

sammie-oct2016Their friends in Congress will be less than ever. We expect a full on assault for the return of horse slaughter and also the final decimation of wild horses and burros on public lands and in government holding facilities.

We know that those who truly care about the welfare of horses in this country come from all political views. It will be imperative for everyone to put strong pressure on elected officials to keep in place the defunding of horse slaughter inspections while pushing for federal legislation to ban horse slaughter, and to change the current, ineffective management of wild horses and burros to a plan which truly protects them on our taxpayer funded public lands and provides humane solutions for those in captivity.

With your help, we will escalate the fight for America’s horses!

You can help save abused horses like Sammie (pictured) with a tax deductible contribution to Front Range Equine Rescue by clicking here.

Killing wild horses in holding is off the table for the moment.

We are well aware of BLM “double-speak” and like all advocates are remaining vigilant and prepared!

Wild horses in captivity.
Wild horses in captivity.

Sept 14 (Reuters) – The U.S. government said on Wednesday it has no plans to euthanize a large share of the more than 45,000 wild horses and burros removed from lands mostly in the U.S. West, after an advisory panel’s proposal to kill some of the animals sparked outrage.

U.S. Bureau of Land Management officials said they struggle to find people to adopt the growing number of wild horses and burros, which costs the agency millions annually to maintain in corrals and pasturelands.

The National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board on Friday recommended the bureau consider euthanizing the animals that cannot be adopted, or selling them to companies that might slaughter them.

Please click here to read more about the US Government’s plan to care for the wild horses in captivity.

Slaughter of the Innocent

The BLM Advisory Board voted on a proposal to “euthanize” wild horses in holding facilities.

One Victory…One Nightmare

On Friday we learned that the BLM decided to withdraw its decision to partner with Oregon State University to perform unsafe sterilization experiments on 225 wild mares in Oregon. [Read More at the Denver Post]

On the heels of this victory came another announcement.  The BLM Advisory Board voted on a proposal to “euthanize” wild horses in holding facilities.  This means the mass murder of approximately 44,000 innocent horses!

Front Range Equine Rescue is wholly committed to doing its part to save these horses.  I know you will join with us to escalate our fight like never before!

To start, please send comments to the Advisory Board at

When you voice your opposition to this irresponsible, inhumane and appalling plan, give specific reasons why.  The following can be used as a few guidelines:

  • BLM’s mismanagement of the Wild Horse and Burro program should never culminate in the mass murder of captive wild horses.
  • Taxpayer dollars should not be used to kill the wild horses.
  • Wild horses and burros should be managed equally, not less, than any other interests (particularly special interests) use of taxpayer funded public lands.
  • BLM should use its budget to keep wild horses on the range, open up once used range land, develop eco-tourism, further its use of PZP for population control and expand its adoption program.
  • Put a 2 year moratorium on further roundups to stop over-loading long-term holding facilities.
Contact your Congressional representatives to alert them to this inexcusable proposal by BLM’s Advisory Board. and

BLM Withdraws Plans for Surgical Sterilization ‘Research’ on Oregon’s Wild Horses following lawsuit by Front Range Equine Rescue

Photo credit: Wild Horse Freedom Federation


Nonprofit Horse Rescue Group Challenged Inhumane Experimental Surgery

HINES, Ore., September 9, 2016 – Front Range Equine Rescue (FRER), a national nonprofit working to end the abuse and neglect of horses through rescue, advocacy and education, announced today, just six weeks after a lawsuit filed by FRER, that U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management has withdrawn its program to perform experimental sterilization of wild mares in Oregon. The BLM’s decision was formally vacated by the Interior Board of Land Appeals this morning.

FRER’s suit contended that the BLM’s intention to conduct surgical experiments on 225 wild horses, many in various stages of pregnancy, and potentially thousands of more horses over time, causes harm and suffering in violation of federal law.

The sterilizations on wild mares proposed by the BLM, to be carried out in collaboration with Oregon State University, included three untested, dangerous, and potentially fatal procedures.

“We are relieved that the BLM has withdrawn its decision, both for the targeted 225 horses and for the future of wild horse management, said Hilary Wood, President of FRER. “FRER remains committed to ensuring the BLM uses humane and reasonable efforts to protect the herds while considering all interests in the process.”

Veterinary Emergencies

sunnie.closeup.aug2016 (1)The past few weeks have been hectic with last minute rescue calls for horses in need at low-end kill auctions and needing removal from neglectful owners.

And to top it off, several of the rescue horses have required urgent medical attention!

With our critical lawsuit rapidly moving forward against the horrible wild mare sterilization, our budget is really strained right now. Can you help us get through this rough patch?

Fighting off Setbacks:

  • Sunnie’s nasty respiratory infection turned into pneumonia and she needs stronger (more expensive) antibiotics to help her get well.
  • Tilly’s blood work came back with strong indicators of Cushings disease. She needs long-term medication to manage symptoms.

We need to raise $350 to help Sunnie and Tilly:

  • Serena was kicked during turn out and required an emergency call, stitches and multiple bandage changes.
  • Jingo had a flare up of a painful eye condition and was prescribed several eye ointments and strong antibiotics as he didn’t respond to the initial medication.

Can you help us raise $750 to help Serena and Jingo during their expensive healing process:

Prefer to mail in a much-needed contribution to help with emergency medical needs?
Download our mail-in donation form here.

We also have several new horses receiving initial medical evaluations. Can you send a gift today to support Misty, Genie, and Ole Man?

Veterinary care is crucial to truly saving rescue horses. We greatly appreciate your tax-deductible contribution to ensure our horses continue receiving everything they need to be healthy.

P.S. – Good news to share. Cinnamon and Sebastian were recently adopted into a loving new home. We’re happy this mother and son can remain together!

BLM Lawsuit Breakthrough!

Soon after the filing and thanks to your support, the start date for the experiments was postponed until mid-November.

On July 25, Front Range Equine Rescue filed a lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) proposed sterilization experiments on 225 wild mares in Oregon (many in various stages of pregnancy). The BLM admits these experiments are dangerous and potentially fatal. Expected outcomes include infection, hemorrhaging, aborted foals, colic signs, and death.

Soon after the filing, FRER was informed by the BLM that the start date for the experiments has been postponed until mid-November.

We thank all of our supporters for contributing to this critical legal effort on behalf of these innocent wild mares. We also thank the AWHPC for its tireless work on this issue and their support of FRER’s effort:


The BLM has agreed to delay the mare sterilization experiments in response to a lawsuit filed by Front Range Equine Rescue. The agency has pushed back the start date from October 1 to November 16 to allow time for a court hearing on the case. Everyone send good luck and energy to Front Range for success in shutting down these cruel BLM experiments! – AWHPC

Front Range Equine Rescue In The News

Front Range Equine Rescue in the News

andy.eddie.charming.jun2011Near the end of July, we filed a lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) plan to conduct barbaric sterilization experiments on 225 wild mares in partnership with Oregon State University (OSU).

Our case challenges the shocking decision by the agency (BLM) responsible for caring for America’s wild horses, to perform dangerous and untested surgical sterilization procedures on captive wild mare, many of them in varying stages of pregnancy. This radical departure from the bounds of science and humane treatment is unauthorized, uncalled for, and illegal.

Read more about our case here:

Two Ways to Help Today!

Johnny Boy’s leg was “rotting” from a massive infection
Johnny Boy’s leg was “rotting” from a massive infection

Less than two weeks ago we had a last minute call to help horses before they transported to a Western feedlot, and then onto a Canadian slaughterhouse.

We were very thankful that many of our supporters were able to help raise part of the funding needed to spare these horses. Sadly, several of these horses had pre-existing, chronic conditions which it was too late to treat, and too late to offer a pain-free quality of life. Instead of past owners doing the right thing, we were again put in the position to provide humane euthanasia.

On a happier note, a few of the horses are able to be treated for various health issues.

But we need your support to ensure they get every chance we can offer!

Click here to learn different ways you can help us save horses

Meet Riley and Sunnie

Riley and Sunnie need your help.
Riley and Sunnie need your help.

Riley is a former track horse with two bowed tendons and a super friendly personality. He has several veterinary and nutritional needs we need funding for in order to restore his health.

Sunnie is a little two-year-old filly needing TLC! Our guess is that she was thrown away due to her umbilical hernia which a former owner could easily have fixed. Her time in less than ideal conditions has left her sick with a respiratory virus which we are treating. She also requires veterinary care to assess potential shoulder/hind end issues which were reported to us. Once we get her past all of that, we need funding for surgery to repair her umbilical hernia.

Gift Match – Expansion Projects!

Front Range Equine Rescue was honored to be one of fifteen equine rescues awarded a matching grant from the ASPCA for expansion needs. We have raised $7,600 of the $10,000 needed in order to receive the grant match of $10,000.

This funding will finish fencing and barn/shelter projects we’ve worked on for many months. Please consider helping us make your donation a 2-for-1 match so that our rescue horses have more turn out pasture options and stall accommodations.

Expanded facilities allow for more at risk horses to be saved
Expanded facilities allow for more at risk horses to be saved.

Update! Lawsuit Against BLM On Gruesome Wild Mare Sterilization

Despite strong opposition, the Bureau of Land Management, (BLM), intends to move forward with gruesome and dangerous sterilization experiments on wild mares.

The proposed research procedures are risky-to-deadly and to move forward is irresponsible, unethical and inhumane.

Thanks to caring and compassionate donors like you, Front Range Equine Rescue is able to initiate legal action against the BLM’s plan.


It is unjustifiable for the BLM to conduct such barbaric sterilization experiments with a host of known risks

Front Range Equine Rescue Files Suit to Stop Surgical Sterilization ‘Research’ on Oregon’s Wild Horses

Nonprofit Horse Rescue Group Challenges Inhumane Experimental Surgery

HINES, Ore., July 26, 2016 – Front Range Equine Rescue (FRER), a national nonprofit working to end the abuse and neglect of horses through rescue, advocacy and education, announced today it is suing the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management to stop the BLM’s experimental sterilization of wild mares in Oregon. The lawsuit was filed late yesterday in federal court in Washington D.C.

FRER’s suit contends the BLM’s intention to conduct surgical experiments on 225 wild horses, many in various stages of pregnancy, and potentially thousands more horses over time, causes harm and suffering in violation of federal law.
The sterilizations on wild mares proposed by the BLM, to be carried out in collaboration with Oregon State University, include three untested, dangerous procedures:

  • Slicing open the mare’s vagina while sedated, but awake and standing, and blindly pulling out her ovaries – a risky and controversial surgical procedure even for tame mares under the best of conditions, let alone captive wild horses in a holding facility
  • Burning and then cutting the sedated, but conscious horses’ fallopian tubes, a procedure that is surgically untested on horses
  • Using a laser, inserted through the vagina, to scar and seal the ovaries – another surgery that has never been studied in horses

“It is unjustifiable for the BLM to conduct such barbaric sterilization experiments with a host of known risks, including death, on captive wild horses,” said Hilary Wood, President of FRER. “Performing unproven surgeries in a holding pen, let alone on the open range, is contrary to the BLM’s congressional mandate to care for wild horses, especially when responsible alternatives like the PZP contraceptive vaccine already exist to maintain population levels and ensure herd viability.”

Earlier this year, FRER filed formal comments opposing the “research” that will be done on conscious animals in long-term holding. These comments – and comments submitted by more than 20,000 members of the public – were disregarded, prompting FRER to file its suit.

“These sterilization procedures are not documented, practiced, or analyzed in non-surgical settings; they are overly invasive, and they are unlikely to have applicability for mares on public lands,” said Laureen Bartfield, DVM, an expert in population control of wild horses and the social structure of herds. “Two of the three procedures have virtually never been performed on horses, and the unvisualized removal of the ovaries, while documented in the literature, is disfavored by reputable veterinarians. The BLM’s plan is not just clinically ill-advised, it constitutes animal cruelty on a large scale.”


The plans for eventual widespread sterilization of horses on the range will also run up an estimated cost to the taxpayers in the millions – and the first of the funds could be handed to OSU in the form of a BLM grant. This first group of mares to go under the knife are in BLM custody in the Hines Corral in Eastern Oregon.

FRER’s lawsuit says the experimental sterilizations represent a conflict of interest, and are not in the best interests of wild horses, but rather in the BLM’s own best interest by reducing their management load without considering their mandate to properly manage the horses.
This is not the first time the BLM has pursued surgical sterilization for wild horses. In 2011, a federal court found the bureau’s plans to castrate wild horses captured in Wyoming was of an “extreme and irreversible nature.” In 2012, the BLM was again forced to defend similar plans in federal court, and abandoned its efforts to castrate Nevada’s wild horses.

The grim reality facing these innocent wild mares includes

  • Invasive surgery performed in a non-sterile environment
  • No known studies on domestic mares for the tubal ligation procedure
  • No known studies on domestic or wild mares for the Hysteroscopically-guided laser ablation procedure
  • Procedures to be performed on wild mares in varying stages of pregnancy
  • Infection, hemorrhaging, colic signs, aborted foals, potential for abnormalities in foals born, and death “If any gestational group in any procedure meets a major complication rate greater than 20 percent” then the procedure will be stopped
  • Major complications leading to death or the need for euthanasia are “expected” to be less than 2 percent (225 mares are slated for the research; 25 in a control group; 200 divided up for the three procedures)
  • Wild mares will be frightened as they are separated from their herd mates They will be even more terrified when driven into a confined chute to be sedated and restrained for the surgery
  • Ovarian function plays a significant role in the endocrine (hormonal) system. To destroy this biological function will damage behavior and health of surviving mares

I thank everyone who was able to contribute to allow us to initiate this lawsuit. Legal action is expensive and can be lengthy. We need funds for the next phases of our lawsuit against the BLM.

Please give to help the fight to spare the wild mares!

I need your help NOW to move ahead with the next phase of our legal effort to stop this waste of taxpayer funded research and blatant cruelty to innocent wild mares.

If you’d like to donate by check or money order, please click here.

The time to act is NOW. I can only do this with your help.

“I cannot thank everyone enough for donating to launch this lawsuit. Now we need to raise $7,500 to cover the next steps to help these wild horses. We truly value your loyal support of our work. Working together we have changed many horses’ lives for the better!”

For the horses, Hilary T. Wood, President/Founder

BLM’s Ongoing Mismanagement of Wild Horses

Wild horses properly managed on taxpayer funded public lands look like this:



Then taxpayer dollars are used by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to manage them like this: (1)

Help promote the practical, economical, and proven alternatives to roundups and barbaric sterilization proposals.

And now taxpayer funds are earmarked for gruesome sterilization research on wild mares, with one procedure never having been done on any horse domestic or wild.

Wild mares in varying stages of pregnancy are included in two of the three types of procedures.

  • Expected results from the research include pain, infection, hemorrhaging and even death
  • Pregnant mares who don’t abort their foals will have their chart notated if their foals are born with any abnormalities.

Help us spare the mares and the foals.

Stop the business as usual approach by the BLM under the influence of powerful, wealthy special interests and politicians.

Wild Horses: Liberty or Death?

Over 100 years ago it was estimated that two million wild horses roamed freely. Tens of thousands ended up slaughtered for dog and cat food, captured and treated most cruelly. A wild horse advocacy movement began and gained massive public support. By 1971 the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act (of 1971) was unanimously passed in Congress.
(Left) Wild horses suffer injuries, even death, from roundups. (Right) Mustangs lose their freedom forever after a round up

However, opponents have relentlessly poisoned politicians to amend the Act in favor of special interests such as livestock grazing, oil and gas
exploration, and even big game hunting.   Lands designated by law for wild horse and burro use have been drastically reduced.  The mustangs and burros have been kept from water sources by livestock grazers who fence off areas for cattle grazing.  Wild horses and burros have been shot and killed or left to die.  The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has rounded up wild horses until most herds are well below genetic viability.  More mustangs are crammed into government holding facilities than remain in the wild.  Wild horses and burros are injured and even die due to yearly removals.

And our taxpayer dollars fund all of this to the tune of millions of dollars!

I need you to help us continue to fight against the BLM’s mismanagement of the Wild Horse and Burro Program and the powerful, wealthy special interests whose lobbyists spread lies about over population, over-grazing, and promote a “management to extinction” policy.

Just last week, dirty politics were in full force at a hearing by the House Natural Resources Committee’s Public Lands Subcommittee. Here are a few of the comments made by wild horse opponents:

A Nevada rancher and livestock vet (J.J. Goicoechea) put forth his ‘solutions’ for managing wild horses and burros (1) round up 100% of the herds; (2) remove 40,000 animals to get down to the low Appropriate Management Level; (3) use mass euthanasia and/or sale for slaughter to dispose of the 40,000 horses and burros captured, and for the 44,000 already in government holding; and (4) surgically sterilize all horses and burros who remain on the range.

Rep. Cynthia Loomis (R-WY) promoted “lovely and peaceful euthanasia” of wild horses “whose wild lives are over.”

Committee Chairman Tom McClintock claimed that animal rights groups are responsible for “mass starvation” of wild horses on the range. He went on to state that wild horses should be managed like livestock and “harvested” when their numbers increase.

Democrats were not present as they were holding a sit-in regarding gun control. One lone advocate, Ginger Kathrens of The Cloud Foundation, stood steadfast for the wild horses and was treated with disdain and extreme rudeness.

Save the Mares

Family bands are destroyed by roundups

Now at least 200 wild mares held captive in Oregon are facing cruel, unnecessary and barbaric experiments in attempts to “just see” if sterilization procedures might work. It is well known that some of these procedures are not even performed on domestic mares… and certainly none have been done on wild ones.

The BLM has ignored the thousands of public comments opposing these appalling procedures which you can read about more here (click here for BLM’s decision record on the dangerous to deadly sterilization experiments).

The BLM’s document clearly points out the lack of a sterile environment for the procedures where attempts will be made to ‘make the best of it’. It indicates that major complications leading to death or necessary euthanasia of a mare are anticipated to be less than two percent. They note that if any gestational group in any of the three procedures meets a major complication rate of greater than twenty percent, then the procedure will be stopped.

The mares are to be monitored for post-operative complications which can include pain (such as colic, anorexia) as well as bleeding, infection or signs of abortion.

Pregnant mares and fillies as young as 8 months of age are slated to be part of this appalling research. Not long after the surgeries, surviving mares will be exposed to stallions.

What We Know:

There are more humane and cost effective alternatives for wild horse and burro population control that are being under-funded and under-utilized. The fertility vaccine (PZP) is a primary example of population control available for over 20 years which keeps horses managed on the range. Sterilized herds will ensure wild horses are forever removed from our taxpayer funded lands – public lands allocated to them by law.

Wild horses value freedom and family just as we do. Their beauty, independence and strong family bonds are qualities we admire. Escalation of removals, macabre sterilization experiments and slaughter are NOT viable options.

Will you help us demand an end to the BLM catering to special interests?

Will you speak up for America’s dwindling wild horse herds before it’s too late?

Contact the BLM to voice your opposition to their cruel sterilization research,

Contact your Congressional representatives and inform them of these unnecessary experiments and the need for humane, common sense alternatives to be implemented.  Locate your reps at and


Front Range Equine Rescue continues to fight and advocate for America’s fast disappearing wild horse herds. We’ve rescued mustangs from auctions and kill buyers and waged legal battles on their behalf. Please join us in continuing to spare them from more cruelty at the hands of powerful special interests and uncaring politicians.

If you prefer to donate by mail instead of online, click here for our mail-in reply form.

The sterilization procedures proposed on wild mares are nothing short of barbaric, cruel and simply put – outrageous. These procedures are rarely performed on domestic horses because of the complications under the best of circumstances. The fact that the procedures will be carried out in the field versus under sterile surgical conditions alone will result in complete failure and the death of many if not all of the mares. The fact that the procedures are proposed to be done on wild mares is negligent and unethical – it is impossible to monitor these mares and provide needed antibiotics and pain control. The risks far outweigh the benefits. I would urge the BLM to continue to expand on the use of range management of wild horse populations through the use of PZP – a safe and effective fertility vaccine. This system has been proven to work without jeopardizing the lives of the horses that are part of our heritage.
– – Laureen Bartfield, DVM cVSMT Director, SNAP-NC

BLM’s plan for gruesome sterilization experiments on wild mares moves forward.


It’s not too late to continue to fight for these innocent horses.

This research is cruel, unnecessary, barbaric and a waste of taxpayer dollars. Alternatives for population control exist and have been under-utilized.

Dirty politics continue to play a key role in eliminating America’s few remaining wild horse herds.

Last week, the House Natural Resources Committee’s Public Lands Subcommittee hearing made this blatantly clear when Rep. Cynthia Loomis (R-WY) called for the “lovely and peaceful euthanasia” (i.e., killing) of all the wild horses and burros in the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) holding pens because their “wild lives are over.” A Nevada rancher, J.J. Goicoechea, called for mass roundups and sterilization.

Other wild horse and burro haters demanded lifting the prohibition on sending them to slaughter, actually suggesting 40,000 in holding pens be shipped for slaughter.

Democrats for this subcommittee were not present as they were at the sit-in on gun control. Wild horses and burros had only one friend to testify truthfully on their behalf, Ginger Kathrens of the Cloud Foundation, who was treated with rudeness and contempt by these public servants.

Read BLM’s decision record on dangerous to deadly sterilization research.

Veterinarian using a chain ecraseur during an ovariectomy.

Speak up for the wild horses now!

Contact BLM to voice your concerns against their cruel sterilization research:

Inform your Congressional representatives of these unnecessary experiments. The 1971 Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act was not intended to allow for brutal experimentation on these national icons.

Locate your reps at and