BLM’s Ongoing Mismanagement of Wild Horses

Wild horses properly managed on taxpayer funded public lands look like this:



Then taxpayer dollars are used by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to manage them like this: (1)

Help promote the practical, economical, and proven alternatives to roundups and barbaric sterilization proposals.

And now taxpayer funds are earmarked for gruesome sterilization research on wild mares, with one procedure never having been done on any horse domestic or wild.

Wild mares in varying stages of pregnancy are included in two of the three types of procedures.

  • Expected results from the research include pain, infection, hemorrhaging and even death
  • Pregnant mares who don't abort their foals will have their chart notated if their foals are born with any abnormalities.

Help us spare the mares and the foals.

Stop the business as usual approach by the BLM under the influence of powerful, wealthy special interests and politicians.