Horse Owner Assistance Programs

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FRER also offers re-homing tips for owners who will be unable to keep their horse(s) due to ongoing financial difficulties.

Front Range Equine Rescue has developed special programs to assist horses beyond direct rescue efforts.

Some of these programs are short-term emergencies, such as fire evacuation. Other programs run year-round based on available funding.

Our Owner Assistance programs are:

Stop the Backyard Breeder (Gelding Reimbursement) -THIS PROGRAM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE AS OF NOVEMBER 1, 2016 as we are increasing other program efforts.

To locate discounted gelding clinics in your area or have your equine veterinarian host one, visit Dancer’s Legacy Foundation.

Since 2002, this program provided partial reimbursement to horse owners for gelding stud colts and stallions. Not every horse needs to be bred and controlling the unnecessary and/or irresponsible breeding of horses helps reduce those potentially neglected, abused or sent to slaughter. Front Range Equine Rescue assisted hundreds of horse owners nationwide through this special program which kept thousands of horses out of the breeding population.

Programs Impact by Location

google-map-icon  Stop The Backyard Breeder and Trails End

Without your support, we cannot save horses from slaughter.
Without your support, we cannot save horses from slaughter.

Trails End (Humane Euthanasia Reimbursement) – THIS PROGRAM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE AS OF NOVEMBER 1, 2016 as we are increasing other program efforts.

Since 2007, this program provided partial reimbursement for humane euthanasia for equines when needed. Trails End was implemented to prevent owners from disposing their very old, sick, crippled or otherwise ‘poor quality of life’ horses to auctions/slaughter. Front Range Equine Rescue helped hundreds of horses on a nationwide basis with this program to grateful owners who were then financially able to “do the right thing” when humane euthanasia was needed.

Feedback from Horse Owners

“Thank you for your continued support of our gelding clinics. We were able to geld 56 stallions last year with your help!” Danni H., Hope Equine Rescue, Auburn, FL

“Thank you for your financial assistance through your equine gelding reimbursement program. We appreciate your dedication to equine welfare issues and to helping other rescue organizations such as ours.” Melanie L., Hidden Springs Horse Rescue, Thomasville, GA

“We rescued Rufus, and June 21 had him castrated. Thank you so much.” Sharon R, Auburn, KS

“Thank you for your programs to help both horses and owners. I rescued a gelding from a feedlot. One year later he became ill unrelated to the feedlot, and I had to put him down. Money has been very tight, I am very grateful.” Jamie R., Stayton, OR

“My husband and I are both out of work so we really appreciate your generosity. Thank you.” Luanne T, Pleasant Hills, OR

“I heard of your Trails End program through a friend. This will help tremendously as this horse meant the world to my husband that he used as a sort of therapy while he has been battling cancer the last year and half. Thank you so much for this great program!” Kathy L, Phoenix, AZ

“Thank you. This is very helpful!” Jacqueline, WA; rescued donkeys needing castration services

“I cannot say enough good things about my mustang or the programs you have available. Thank you.” Kati, WA; gelding program participant

“I had to euthanize my beautiful 22 year old mare after she suffered a traumatic injury which could not be repaired… I am just devastated with her loss. I am thankful that your program exists.” Kim, CA

“We had a horse for 31 years that we dearly loved. Although we did not have the money to euthanize him, I called the vet out anyway and had it done rather than other alternatives. This was the most humane thing we could do for him. Thank you for this program.” Sharon, TX

“I found your program while surfing the web. I had recently rescued a horse from slaughter and was looking for help with gelding expenses. I also had 2 others to get gelded and was so excited to find your program. I think your program is wonderful and I am so thankful you are able to do something like this.” Kaitlyn, NC

Fire/Disaster Evacuation



In 2002, FRER launched its fire/disaster evacuation and assistance program in response to Colorado’s massive Hayman Fire. Front Range provided direct assistance to remove horses (and other livestock) to various evacuation sites. FRER provided supplies to several evacuation locations and also direct care to over 100 evacuated horses (and other animals) at an evacuation site set up in the Black Forest area.

Front Range Equine Rescue offered assistance during subsequent disasters in Colorado such as the Waldo Canyon Fire (2012) and the Black Forest fire (2013). FRER also sent supplies during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita to help with horses at evacuation sites.

In 2017 FRER had to protect its Florida farm during Hurricane Irma. Front Range assisted horse owners with options for safe evacuation of their horses. An older horse was surrendered to the rescue after the hurricane when the owner was unable to keep him.


“Thank you so much for the generous donation of hay. We really appreciate the help you gave. Because of people/foundations like yours, horses have a chance. Keep up the great work and thanks again for the hay.”
(Angie, CO)

“All of us at Colorado Equine Veterinary Services wish to give you our heartfelt thanks for supporting the Black Forest fire recovery efforts and our practice. You made all of our hard work worthwhile and possible. We couldn’t have done it without your support!”
(Drs. Brown, Unruh, Finke; Donna, Jess, Faith, Katrina)

“The Pikes Peak Range Rider Foundation, and also on behalf of the Pikes Peak Range Riders, are pleased to submit this gift to your organization for your important role in assisting our friends and neighbors during the Black Forest Fire. The Board of Directors of the Pikes Peak Range Riders Foundation determined that your organization was a key player and wanted to lend support to your resources. Thank you again for your tremendous help when it was needed most.”
(M. Jenkins)

Horse Owner Hay and Feed Assistance (not currently active)

As a result of the Great Recession, Front Range Equine Rescue ran a pilot program in 2010 and 2011 to assist horse owners in financial crisis. This program offered a “hand up”, not a hand out, to qualified horse owners with one-time assistance of hay/feed or basic veterinary services. This program is no longer running.

Program Feedback

“You helped subsidize a low cost hay program and I was on the receiving end of that gesture. Not an easy place to be, but in a time when so many are facing tough economical times, I recognize the sacrifice that was made on my behalf, and would like to say how much I appreciated your very generous contribution. Thank you again for making this possible, and I pray that your kindness to strangers will come back full circle to you in whatever way you may need it most.”
(Kelly, CO)

“We can’t thank you enough for the helping hand with our hay purchase this year. This has been an emotional and financial year of hardship for us. You were truly angels in a storm!”
(Kathleen and Larry, CO)

“I wanted to send a heart felt, very appreciated THANK you! What you and your generous assistance did for me is beyond words! You have given me the opportunity to take care of my horses worry-free for a few months while I get back on my feet financially. I hope one day I will be able to return the favor 10-fold so you may be able to help others in my same situation. Again, I am so thankful this means a lot!”
(Tracy, CO)

“Thank you for all your financial help and kindness in keeping “Horsie” and all the other poor horses out there well fed and well taken care of. Your gift of grain, bran and paper shavings is a tremendous blessing to keep “Horsie” fed and warm. God bless you all for all you do to help these poor horses.”
(Irene, CO)

“Rick and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the feed and vet care that was provided for our horses. We have had “the boys” for over 20 years and have never had to ask for help before. Your gift was really a blessing…I still have a hard time talking about it without crying. You are good people…a rare quality. Thank you for loving and caring about horses so much.”
(Rick, Carol and Sparky, Lyle, Jerod, Kamizon in CO)

Ways you can help

If you are in a position to help us with our programs there are a variety of ways you can help. Click here for ways to give and click here for additional ways to help and get the word out.

For more information, please contact us.