Save the Wild Horses


Save the Wild Horses

Front Range Equine Rescue works to end the abuse and neglect of horses, both domestic and wild, through rescue and education programs. Late in 2004, former Senator Conrad Burns slipped an amendment into an appropriations bill which eroded protections to mustangs provided by the 1971 Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act. The Burns Amendment allowed for wild horses over the age of 10 and those put up for adoption at least three times, but not placed, to be removed from the adoption program and into a sale program. This left the door wide open for wild horses to be sold for commercial purposes such as slaughter.

It was quickly discovered that wild horses were being bought and sent to slaughter.

In response, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) made an adjustment to their sale documentation where potential buyers signed to indicate they did not “intend” for the horse(s) to go to slaughter. However, horses continued heading to slaughter and it was discovered that one buyer had sent well over 1,000 mustangs to their deaths. The sale program was further changed to then allow buyers to purchase only four horses every six months unless they receive special approval from top BLM officials. Buyers also must tell the BLM where agents can find the horses for six months after the purchase.

In 2005, Front Range Equine Rescue launched its “Save the Wild Horses” campaign in direct response to the Burns Amendment and has expanded this program as wild horse and burro protections continue to be abused and eroded. This national campaign assists mustangs with direct rescue from the slaughter pipeline, educates FRER supporters and the general public on wild horse issues, advocates on behalf of increased protections for wild horses especially with regard to ending unnecessary and brutal round ups, coordinates supporters in petition drives directed at government agencies or officials on behalf of wild horses, submits responses to BLM proposed wild horse and burro actions during required public comment periods, and engages in legal actions where violations of the 1971 Act occur.

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