Horse Rescue Facilities

Late afternoon grazing in Colorado

Front Range Equine Rescue began as an all volunteer organization in 1997.

Horses were initially kept with Board members and a few select foster homes.

Over the years, some horses have stayed at private boarding facilities for rescue/rehab, training assessment and adoption services.

In 2006 and 2009, Front Range Equine Rescue acquired facilities in Larkspur, CO while expanding its rescue and educational program efforts.

In 2015, the Larkspur properties were sold to help Front Range with expanding services to the East Coast. FRER’s main administrative function and its retired horses are currently located on a farm in Ocala, FL while Front Range’s long-time rescue and educational work continue in Colorado and the West. The majority of FRER’s horses in Colorado are located at a private farm in northern CO under the supervision of Shiloh Acres Horse Rescue (SAHR). Front Range and SAHR have partnered for many years to save hundreds of at-risk horses in addition to what each group does independently. Other CO rescue horses are under the direct care of a board member who also handles local educational events/volunteering.

Our Horse Rescue Facility Network





*Due to occasional “threats” from those who disagree with our positions on wild horse issues and horse slaughter, we do not publish physical addresses.