What Can You Do?

Camp Kencaryl '09
Camp Kencaryl ’09

There are a variety of ways you can help at-risk horses in addition to tax deductible contributions. Here are some of them:

Attention Students and Teachers!

Horses have played a major role in our history. Art, history, science, sports, literature, and other areas of study are all suitable for projects or education regarding horses in our lives, past and present. Educational efforts regarding horse slaughter and wild horse protections help get the word out about current crises in the equine world. Be creative and use horses as part of your next in-class project!

Social Media

Help get our message out to the general public. Please share our Facebook and other social media posts and ask your friends and family to do the same. ‘Like’ our page on Facebook.

Report Abuse

Report suspected abuse or neglect of horses to your local humane society or the animal control section in your county sheriff’s department. Report to the officials who handle animal control for the county in which horses are located.

Contact Your Representatives

Call, write or email your Congressional representatives on equine abuse issues such as wild horse roundups and horse slaughter. You can find your elected officials at www.senate.gov and www.house.gov.

Join Our Newsletter

Join our newsletter to stay informed of Front Range Equine Rescue’s programs and activities. This newsletter is strictly for informational purposes only – such as getting important information to you quickly or sharing general updates. This is not a discussion group. If you are interested in joining our newsletter? Click here.

Ask friends and family to join too!


Volunteers are welcome to assist at annual educational events held in Colorado, usually during May to September only. Our CO horses are kept at private farms where help with barn chores is occasionally available during the summer months. Email us about potential opportunities to volunteer, info@FrontRangeEquineRescue.org.

Volunteers and Sponsors Getting Creative

Here’s what Juli from Wisconsin did:

“Well I did it! I ran 100 miles in 25 hours. It was an awesome, epic experience and whenever I got tired or discouraged I just thought of all the horses I was running for. This motivated me again and again and got me through the discomfort, the fatigue and the doubt. I knew that each step I took was one step closer to helping another horse be rescued. What was awesome is all the runners I met who once I told them about my goal also pledged to sponsor me. At one moment about 2:00 am I stood in a meadow surrounded by ponds with frogs as loud as a symphony.

I turned off my headlamp and looked up to the heavens and there must have been a trillion stars shining with the moon and the Milky Way so bright. It was as if each of those stars represented every horse past, present and future and I felt as though they were all looking down on me and giving me their blessing. I was 80 miles into the run at that point and I knew I could make the last twenty under that blanket of divine horse energy. Thank you to each and every one of you who pledged your support.”

And THANK YOU Juli for your great effort!

From Wild Horse Supporters

Thank you to everyone who participates in signing and returning the many petitions we provide to help let elected officials know to protect America’s wild horse herds in the western United States. Please visit the FRER wild horse webpage and our news blog for information to learn more about critical wild horse (and burro) issues.

Magic Elixir (from Amethyst Acres, mother was a Breyer portrait model)
Magic Elixir (from Amethyst Acres, mother was a Breyer portrait model)

A special thanks to the BreyerFest

Front Range Equine Rescue is honored to be selected as one of the equine charities to receive support from Breyer/Reeves International.

Breyer horse models are beloved around the world and their generous contribution to FRER from the annual “BreyerFest” truly helps our rescue program efforts.

Pictured are some of the special horse guests at the 2016 BreyerFest.

Hickory Hills Wall Street (champion miniature donkey)
Hickory Hills Wall Street (champion miniature donkey)


Look for us on the Double D Trailers Horse Rescue Corner database!

They have great Horse Trailers with Living Quarters for sale. Be sure to check them out when shopping for your horse trailer. We thank them for including Front Range Equine Rescue on their site and helping to promote horse rescue.

Click here for more ways to help end the abuse and neglect of horses.

For more information, please contact us.