Awards and Accreditations

Media Features and Public Appearances

FRERFRER has been featured in Parade Magazine, The Colorado Springs Gazette, Today’s Horse Trader Magazine, Black Forest News, Horse Connection Magazine, Washington Post, Western Horseman, Horse Professional Magazine, San Diego Tribune, All Breed Horse Chronicle, The Wrangler, New Falcon Herald, Pet-acular, High Plains Rider, Maverick Press, Fountain Valley News and El Paso County Advertiser and News.

Public appearances include horse expos and local TV and radio programs including National Public Radio when headquartered in Colorado. Front Range has numerous other media stories which can be found through in internet search.

Certificate of Good Standing

Every year, Front Range Equine Rescue must file a periodic report with the State of Colorado. Front Range Equine Rescue was incorporated in Colorado as of 8/1/1997, and has been proud to receive an annual Certificate of Good Standing.

Front Range Equine Rescue consistently holds a 3- or 4-Star (highest) rating with Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent evaluator of charities. Front Range receives high ratings indicating that it is an organization which allocates and grows its finances in the most fiscally responsible way possible. Read the details of Front Range’s current rating. Please donate to Front Range Equine Rescue’s highly successful rescue work so that we can continue as a leader in helping at-risk horses through direct rescue and innovative special programs.
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Front Range Equine Rescue works to end the abuse and neglect of horses through rescue and education. One of the most critical aspects of rescue work is to prevent abuse from occurring. This goal can be accomplished through direct rescue efforts, but education of new, potential and existing horse owners (and the general public) is the key to eliminating areas of abuse. Providing creative, yet practical solutions for horses is necessary to advance equine welfare. Examples include educating horse owners on safe means to re-home their horses; providing short-term assistance to horse owners during financial crisis or other disasters; determining other outlets for former competition horses for second careers instead of dumping into the slaughter pipeline; and utilizing safe and humane alternatives for wild horses other than roundups, warehousing in government pens, or slaughter.

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We have been honored with a 2023 Top-Rated Award from Great Nonprofits. As you know, our work is both heart-warming and heartbreaking so being appreciated in this way means a great deal to our dedicated team.

Thanks to all of our wonderful supporters who make our critical work on behalf of abused horses possible. We want you to be part of sharing this recognition because by working together we have truly made a difference for horses in need. Check out our listing and reviews here..

State-Of-Colorado-FRER-LargeIn April 2009, The State of Colorado Commends Front Range Equine Rescue: Established in 1997, Front Range Equine Rescue is dedicated to stopping the abuse and neglect of horses through rescue and educational programs. It began as an all volunteer organization with Board members providing the initial foster homes. Later, a small self-care facility housed several of the incoming rescue horses. Over the years, Front Range Equine Rescue has been able to increase its capacity. Today, the organization boasts an impressive record of saving abused, neglected, and abandoned horses and placing them with permanent and loving homes. The members of the Colorado House of Representatives are proud to pay tribute to Front Range Equine Rescue for providing valuable rescue and education services to the Centennial State.

In 2001, FRER was the agency winner of the Rio Vista Product’s “Hank Award” for outstanding rescue work.



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