Horse Adoption Program

Our experience with FRER was AMAZING! They were so helpful and the adoption process was smooth!


Front Range Equine Rescue (FRER) horses become available for adoption after full rehabilitation and training evaluation.

Horses are suitable for different levels of riding activity; however, the majority are for trail or pleasure riding.

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Horse Adoption Process

Ali has been placed in a new home!
Ali has been placed in a new home!

Once healthy and assessed, horses are placed up for adoption to qualified homes. Until a horse is successfully adopted, it does not leave Front Range’s care. Horses are not allowed to be bred. Front Range reserves the right to life long follow up. If an adoption does not work out, Front Range encourages the owner to responsibly place the horse in a new home (which must follow Front Range’s rules) or return the horse to the rescue. Horses can never be sold at auction.

FRER adopts horses to qualified homes with preference given to those in CO or neighboring states. Currently horses for adoption are located with Shiloh Acres Horse Rescue (SAHR) in northern Colorado. Please note SAHR also has its own rescue horses available for adoption.

Front Range Equine Rescue also has a small group of retired horses who are unlikely to adopt but still have a good quality of life. These horses are available to sponsor to help offset their care expenses. These horses are located at FRER’s farm in Florida.

Front Range is available to provide horse owners with tips on how to safely re-home their horses.

Steps to Adopt a Horse

  • Fill out an application for adoption
  • Read and sign the Rules of Adoption
  • Email to [email protected]
  • You will then be contacted to set up an appointment to see any horse(s) that might be a match.
  • Horses can only be seen by appointment; we cannot accommodate drop-ins or last minute appointment

Adoption forms can be downloaded here.

Meet Our Rescue Horses for Adoption

Horse Adoption Testimonials

“It’s been a few years since I adopted Gretchen/ Saffron. She has turned out to be an amazing horse. She loves trail riding and jumping in the arena. FRER is a wonderful organization. I am so grateful that they took such good care of her. They were very concerned that she would go to a good home and I can’t imagine Gretchen/Saffron finding a better place. She loves hanging out with her friends Momma and Lakota our two other horses. She spends her winters in Silt on a 100 acre alfalfa field and in the spring, summer and fall riding all the beautiful trails around Aspen. Thank you so much for the service you provide for rescued horses.”

Nikki Dodge, Aspen, CO
Gretchen, Arabian Mare adopted

“We adopted our first horse a few years ago from FRER. Levi! What a sweet, older horse. He was the perfect age for teaching us so much and building our confidence. It didn’t take long and we adopted our second horse from FRER. Hawkota; a great second horse.

As with any new endeavor, there are always questions that come up no matter how many books you read or experience you gain through volunteering. (And we did receive a lot of hands on help and guidance volunteering at FRER). Continued support and assistance was only an e-mail away. We certainly appreciated everyone’s patience and understanding, knowledge and education.

Since our first adoption, we now have had the pleasure of owning seven horses. All but one came from or associated with FRER. Oh the stories we can share: from funny to heart touching. All our horses bring us joy, each in their own way. They are amazing animals; a genuine gift from God.

It is our hope that you enjoy these incredible animals in every aspect, on the ground, in the saddle, for fun and leisure, competition or emotional well being……
If you are adopting, prepare yourself for a remarkable ride! You’ll never look back or regret it.”

Lynn and Devyn L. Elbert, CO
Levi, QH gelding, 2011
Hawkotah, paint gelding, 2011
Lilly, Paint mare, 2012
Phantom, March 2013
Derby, March 2014


“You’ve heard the expression “when one door closes, another door opens”…..
I have been associated with Sandy Rose and her staff at Victory Hill Training Center in Salida, CO for about 2 years where I have worked with two horses. During my weekly visits, I constantly admired the amazing work Sandy and her staff do with the horses from Front Range Equine Rescue.

One especially….a fuzzy, white, winter coated, 3 year old pinto filly named Anna really caught my eye. Every Saturday I would stop at Anna’s stall, give her kisses and think some lucky person will become her human partner.

In January, my 17 year old palomino leopard Appaloosa mare died suddenly and unexpectedly. It was very shocking and heartbreaking. I thought I would never find another mare that would ever come close to her. After the death of my mare, Sandy suggested I take a serious look at Anna. She was so friendly, quiet, with a soft, beautiful eye. Hard to believe that this equine creature was once in a potential “kill buyer ” situation at a sale barn.

I found the Front Range Equine Rescue adoption process to be uncomplicated and the adoption fees very reasonable.

I wholeheartedly support the mission of FRER. I attended a fundraiser clinic with Debbie Bibb in Evergreen, CO two years ago and learned a great deal about FRER.

I have a beautiful western pleasure prospect, a great trainer at Victory Hill Training Center and feel so blessed to be able to help in some small way.”

Barbara W, Buena Vista, CO
Adopted Anna, palomino paint mare


“My Ellie, Thoroughbred, 26 years old this year, my best friend, my confidant, my pocket pet; a big thanks from the bottom of my heart to FRER and Hilary for saving her. She has a forever home with me.”

Kari W, Falcon, CO Adopted Ellie, TB mare


“We got Tiger from Front Range Equine Rescue on March 21st, 2013. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and a lot of fun! We enjoy riding him Saddle Seat, but also Western and Bareback. We have shown him successfully in English Pleasure, English Equitation, Walk-Trot, & Showmanship at a local show held by Comanche Crossing Horseman’s Association. He has learned how to stand for a bath and the clippers, load in a trailer on cue, pick up a smooth canter transition, stand quietly, and be a great all-around horse. He is even learning how to bow! J He knows how to be a gentlemen and go along with our wide range of interests with horses –tiny jumps; obstacle/trail courses; English, Western, and Bareback rides; riding through the lawn sprinkler; open rides at local arenas; showing; etc. In addition, this year, Tiger, along with our other two American Saddlebreds, proved themselves on our first two hour trail ride! Tiger is fun to work with and eager to please. One of the most memorable sessions with him was on the ground working on trotting next to his handler for showmanship. With a lot of patience, he picked it up and was trotting on cue like a pro within ten minutes. I will never forget the look of pleasure in his eye as I rubbed his neck with praise once he did it right. He gets so excited when he gets a ‘jumping up and down,’ ‘really excited,’ ‘extra emphasized rub with enthusiastic words.’ J He is full of personality!

Our experience with FRER was AMAZING! They were so helpful and the adoption process was smooth! Tiger has been an excellent addition to the Haddock family. We can’t wait to learn and grow as we ‘take the reins’ in years to come.”

Morgan Haddock (Denae’s daughter)

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