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Colorado shelter
In Colorado, Front Range Equine Rescue keeps horses at a private farm.

Front Range Equine Rescue (FRER) is a 501c3 non-profit organization working to prevent the abuse and neglect of horses through rescue and education.

Background: Front Range Equine Rescue was incorporated as a Colorado non-profit on 8/1/97. Front Range Equine Rescue began as an all volunteer organization with Board members providing the initial foster homes. A small self-care facility soon housed several of the incoming rescue horses as well.

Over the years, Front Range has worked hard to increase its capacity. In 2006, FRER purchased a property in Larkspur. A major gift campaign in 2007-2009 allowed for further expansion with the purchase of additional acreage in Larkspur. Horses were also kept at 2-3 other private facilities in Colorado to help meet rescue program needs.

During 2015, FRER sold its facilities in Colorado and transitioned its main office and small retired herd to Ocala, FL. Front Range works with a northern Colorado rescue organization to save at-risk horses from the slaughter pipeline. Horses are kept at a private farm under the supervision of Shiloh Acres Horse Rescue.

Events, education, special programs, and advocacy continue in Colorado under the direction of Board members and FRER’s President. There are no changes to Front Range Equine Rescue’s mission, goals, programs, activities, or national campaigns to responsibly end horse slaughter and “Save the Wild Horses.” Front Range continues to use a fulfillment company in Pueblo, CO to process replies to mailers which donors receive throughout the year. From 2014-2017, Front Range operated additional rescue services at a private farm in Virginia during a temporary expansion project phase.

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