Events and Clinics

2024 events will be scheduled for May into September. These events will be posted once details are confirmed.

January 2023 Fundraiser for the Marion County Humane Society and Front Range Equine Rescue.

Sponsored by Grand Oaks Resort and Nanette Elliott of exp Realty. Accepting new, unopened dog and cat food, kitty litter, new collars, leashes, halters, bandages, vet wrap, etc. Drop off at the Grand Oaks Resort, next to The Bistro 3000 Marion County Rd, Weirsdale, FL. Click here for flyer.

February 2023

Front Range Equine Rescue will receive $1 from every $2.99 Community Bag sold at the Winn-Dixie located at 7131 North Hwy 441, Ocala, FL!
Front Range Equine Rescue was selected as the February beneficiary of the Winn-Dixie Community Bag Program by store leadership at the Winn-Dixie located at the North Hwy 441 location.

Hanging Around Horses camp for ages 9+

This camp will return in 2024

Pre-requisite is The Care & Keeping of Horses camp. Campers will study horse anatomy, instincts, and breeds while spending lots of time handling horses from the ground up. Positive solutions to horse abuse, neglect, slaughter and wild horse roundups will be explored. The horse in history as part of our American heritage will be taught through games, drama and literature. There will be a grooming contest, prizes, and a barn dance! Curriculum is age-appropriate.

Contact Marion at [email protected] for more info. Cost is $75 per camper. Limit of 12 participants.


This camp will return in 2024
Location: Black Forest, CO
Ages 8 and up (limit of 16 participants)
Cost: $100

This new horse camp is for kids who love history and horses. Come learn a bit of true American history! Study about a brave female hero and her horse. Re-enact her journey through the night during the Revolutionary War. Campers will also learn: proper horse care, instincts, various horse tack, safety, horse handling on the ground, and about horse training techniques. Basic instruction utilizes both drama and dance through games and movement activities. Participate in a play on the last day performed for friends and families. This is a basic, no riding camp. Learning happens from the ground, emphasis on safety and responsibility!

To register, please email Marion Nagle at [email protected]

Through hands-on experience and interaction, students will gain a lifetime’s worth of information, understanding and respect for horses. These camps are dedicated to stopping the abuse and neglect of horses through the education of children.

foothills.2014The Care and Keeping of Horses

This camp will return in 2024
Location:  Black Forest, CO
Ages 8-14

This camp is for kids who love horses! We will learn to properly care for, feed, exercise and groom horses. Cost and responsibility of horse ownership, anatomy, breeds, instincts, markings and safety around horses will be taught through hands-on experiences, games, activities, literature and crafts. Guest presenters such as farrier, veterinarian and horse demonstrations will be integrated into our time together. This is a basic no riding camp, learning happens from the ground, emphasis on safety and responsibility around horses.
Camp fills up fast! To register, please email Marion Nagle at [email protected]. Cost is $100 per camper. Limit of 12 participants.

Through hands-on experience and interaction, students will gain a lifetime’s worth of information, understanding and respect for horses. This camp is dedicated to stopping the abuse and neglect of horses through the education of children.

Mini Horse Camp for ages 5 to 8 years old

This camp will return in 2024

This camp is for all young children who love horses and would like to safely learn more about them from miniature horses. Learning includes how to properly groom, braid, halter, walk and lead horses. Campers will learn very basic anatomy, breeds, proper care, feeding and necessary exercise for miniature horses. Activities also include playing horse games, participating in relays, listen to horse literature and join in hands-on horse activities throughout the camp. Campers will learn about the instincts and behaviors of horses and strategies to be safe around them. Miniature horses will be used to celebrate these beautiful, smaller versions of full size horses to teach the respect and long-term care they need and deserve. Campers bring a sack lunch and enjoy the backyard “park” available to use during recess. Cost is $75 per camper; limit of 12 participants. Reserve a space now as they go fast. Contact Marion at [email protected] for more info.

Horse Ownership 101 – This educational event will return again in 2024.

This is a one-day, family-oriented learning experience as to the responsibilities involved with horse ownership. Curriculum includes prey-predator and herd relationships and basic behaviors, costs involved, options to owning, some hands-on (grooming).
Contact Marion Nagle for date and time, [email protected].

camp.2015.leadingHorse Camp Feedback

“I wanted to let you know that Kayden has been talking nonstop about your camp. I have learned so much just listening to the synopsis of his time there. He has one of your books and we will drop it off tomorrow. To be honest with you, I was not expecting the depth of impact the camp has had on Kayden. We as a family have just about zero experience with horses and horses have never played any part in our lives so I am surprisingly surprised Kayden has taken such an interest. I cannot tell you how much more he is aware of horses now. He looks at them all the time when we are on the road and tells me what he is seeing. Thank you so much for your investment.

I was wondering if you might be able to recommend a place that could teach a beginner to actually ride a horse. Kayden is wanting to expand his horizons and I do not know what to look for or what questions to ask. Also, do you know of any place that could use a novice 10-year-old as a volunteer helper, who is willing to learn more about caring for horses? We would really appreciate guidance and direction from an expert.

Again, thank you so much for all your hard work. This camp experience has far exceeded our expectations. Please keep us on your mailing list if you have one as Kayden has said he would like to come back again.”
– Toni

A Note to Parents from Our Education Coordinator, Marion:
Thank you for sharing your horse-loving children with me this week! We started with a true story called “Molly”, she has a prosthetic leg and now she brings happiness to disabled and elderly people. Ask your child what happened to her…We created jump courses in the pasture and all received a First place ribbon (actually a bookmark!.) Campers led horses safely over poles and hand-grazed horses. We observed horses doing a large variety of horse behaviors and we played relay games. My good friend brought her two ponies and cart over. We all got rides in the cart, groomed the ponies, and then led the ponies over small jumps. We read a story called “Lonesome” which was a true story about a horse who did not listen to his mother, ate loco weed, and got very sick. We talked about what a good idea it is to listen to your mother!!!!

“I wanted to tell you how much Caroline has enjoyed the camp. Yesterday as we were leaving she said, “Oh….I don’t want this to end!”. I was worried at first that she might be bored (because she has taken lessons for several years) or feel like she was too old. Well, she has loved it! Thank you! Please thank all your helpers too!”
– Maura R, CO

“I took camps with the Equine Rescue and loved it! I learned so much about horses and how to ride them. The camp also taught me about preventing horses from becoming slaughtered. I learned how to take care of horses and watched a tape on a horse miracle. I’d love to take another camp and hope to in my future!”
– Morgan

“I just wanted to write to say how much we enjoy the camps and clinics. Amara and Marion do a wonderful job of teaching the young kids about ALL aspects of life-long horse ownership and care, not just the “fun” stuff. The camps and clinics are very informative and age-appropriate with real life demonstrations from the equine vet and farrier. They make the learning so much fun with hands on horse care and horse games, as well as an awesome barn dance and movie viewing with the horses. Definitely enhanced my daughter’s love of horses and knowledge of what to expect when she got her own horse.”
– Jodie and Keira B., Colo. Spgs.

“Just wanted to thank you for today!! The horse ownership camp was extremely informative and well put together! We learned a lot and are looking forward to owning our own horses one day!! ”
– Becky, Brooke, & Hannah

“We had such a remarkable time today! The kids learned a lot and had a great time doing it! Thank you, thank you!”
– K. Gengler, CO

camp.minis.jul2016 (1)