Horse Slaughter Dying Off?

Front Range Equine Rescue has documented the cruelty of horse slaughter and fought to end it with efforts that have included a massive legal campaign to stop attempts in 2012-13 to re-open U.S. slaughter plants. Pictured is a horse at a CO kill lot grazing among bones of horses which died before shipping.

A recent report from an investigation by Animals’ Angels was released after a visit to the Prime Feedlot, which has been Bouvry Exports feedlot capable of holding more than 10,000 horses. In prior visits, investigators found gruesome discoveries including newborn foals frozen to the ground and torn apart by scavengers.

But this investigation showed something quite different. When daylight arrived, they saw that the pen area was completely empty. Not a single horse! The only worker at the feedlot office confirmed that no more horses will be kept on the premises.

The investigators then drove to holding pens located next to the plant. Not a single horse was visible!

Bouvry’s only U.S. horse feedlot closed in 2022. It now appears that his main feedlot is also closed. Is there hope that the company will get out of the horse slaughter business altogether?

Animals’ Angels will be closely monitoring the situation.

In 2023, the number of U.S. horses exported to Canada for slaughter continued a sharp decline. As of September 2023, only 1,699 horses had been exported, resulting in a 40% decrease compared to 2022. Most of these horses were shipped to Eastern Canada’s last remaining plant, Viande Richelieu, by two industry players:

  • Bauer Farms, Ohio
  • Rotz Livestock, Pennsylvania

The permanent closure of the Bouvry Exports Prime Feedlot in Alberta is an incredible success for the entire Animals’ Angels team. Their investigators have worked tirelessly for over a decade to expose horrific abuse and suffering at the facility which once held at least 10,000 horses.

There remains a small number of kill buyers in America sending our beloved horses to brutal and unnecessary deaths across the border to Mexican and the remaining Canadian plants. Animal’s Angels will continue its investigations, advocacy and work to help in the battle to end horse slaughter once and for all.