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Horses will be lost without your help.
Horses will be lost without your help. Learn how here.

To support its critical programs, Front Range Equine Rescue raises funds year round.

Income is generated through individual contributions, corporate sponsors, matching gifts, foundation grants, a direct mail program, merchandise, adoption fees, and bequests.

All donations to Front Range Equine Rescue are tax deductible.

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Privacy Statement / Consumer Preference Statement

Horses will be lost without your help. Our goal is to practice good stewardship with every dollar donated to us. We value your support and want to ensure that we have your correct address and adhere to your privacy and mail preferences. If you wish to inform us of your preferences, please visit Enter our organization name (Front Range Equine Rescue) and your unique ID number which is printed on the enclosed return envelope or response form of special mailers you receive.

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Donor information is kept in a secure database. Front Range Equine Rescue does not rent/sell donor information. It does, from time to time, exchange information with similar/related organizations. All donors may opt-out of having their information exchanged by contacting us here or writing to Front Range Equine Rescue, PO Box 458, Ocala, FL 34478. Please provide complete name and address to ensure information is not shared. You can also let us know if you wish to receive less mail from our organization.

We contract with a small mail company to process replies to special mailers sent to PO Box 8807, Pueblo, CO 81008.

Our administrative/business address is PO Box 458, Ocala, FL 34478. Donations and correspondence can be sent to either address.

Please note that we do not rent, sell, share or exchange email addresses. We do not solicit by telephone.


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