Equine Therapy Programs Working Wonders

“Small steps, big results. This is what equine healing success looks like.” –The Healing Powers of Horses

Equine Facilitated Therapy (EFT) is a fast-growing, highly effective therapeutic mental health treatment being used across the nation. EFT is used for everything from trauma and addiction recovery to therapeutic riding for special needs, including autism. The therapy may involve learning horse care, riding or to simply be around and learn to trust the horses. These types of programs involve a mental health counselor and equine specialist.

“Horses have the special ability to make you be totally in the moment, making talking about the trauma I went through so much easier and less painful,” says Dugard, now 38. “The work Dr. Bailey was doing really resonated with me. The way she incorporated horses into our sessions was so much more impactful than just regular talk therapy.”

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