Cricket recovering

Cricket was saved from slaughter late in 2014. We were uncertain if she could rehabilitate as not only was she very thin, but had been allegedly used in tripping/roping practices for low-end Mexican rodeos. After careful examination, it was determined she might be able to recover as nothing was broken in spite of a leg injury and some lameness issues. Cricket did, however, begin showing a recurring small abscess in her hip. Eventually she underwent surgery to remove what appeared to be a small bone chip or other foreign object.

Update: Cricket’s initial surgery was successful and she healed well after several weeks and only one minor set back. Two months later, the hip area began showing signs of a small sequestrum (a piece of dead bone tissue occurring within a diseased or injured bone) which did not heal. Surgical intervention was again needed and revealed a deep “abscessed” area. Cricket initially appeared to heal from the surgery, but the vet gave a 50-50 chance for permanent recovery. After a few months the wound re-appeared indicating the chronic and very deep infection with abscessing remained. Cricket was humanely euthanized as no more could be done for her.

More About Cricket

  • Success Story
  • Chestnut
  • Mare
  • 2008
  • Arabian / Quarterhorse
  • 14.3h
  • Colorado

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