Cinnamon (ADOPTED)

Cinnamon (Cinny) along with Sebastian was saved from a kill buyer in early 2016. She was thought to be a severe founder case due to her very overgrown hooves. Cinnamon was treated with antibiotics as she came in with signs of respiratory illness. A farrier was able to begin the process of trimming back her feet to allow for normal wear and use. She has done very well with proper hoof care in the past year.
Cinnamon has a kind disposition and was clearly cared for at some point in her life. She does not appear to have been trained to ride, but is very quiet and willing and could be trained by the right person. She has a sweet demeanor and loves to be groomed. She was adopted by a loving family in 2016 and later returned when the family had a change in circumstances. Cinnamon was successfully re-adopted to a new home in 2017 as a companion to a pony gelding.

This horse is not available for adoption


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