Tilly, Melody and Whiskey Need Your Help

Rescue horses Tilly, Melody and Whiskey have all hit a ‘bump in the road’ during their rehabilitation phases and need some special veterinary diagnostic services.

Tilly joined us early this year with Mowgli. Both had horribly overgrown hooves and we’ve worked diligently to help them recover normal hoof shape and function. Tilly is a very sweet, well-mannered mini mare around 20 years old. We strongly believe she has Cushings disease and we need bloodwork to give a diagnosis. If positive, Tilly will also require a prescription drug, Pergolide, for the rest of her life. Symptoms of Cushings can include trouble with maintaining proper weight and a long, often wavy, hair coat that doesn’t shed properly. Tilly has both of those symptoms.

Can you help us pay for Tilly’s blood work and medication if the diagnosis is Cushings?

We need to raise $250 to cover the blood work and cost of initial medication supply.

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Tilly before hoof trims
Tilly before hoof trims
Tilly after a mud roll!
Tilly after a mud roll!

Just two months ago Melody seemed perfectly normal at 6 months old.
Just two months ago Melody seemed perfectly normal at 6 months old.


Melody (aka Zara) was saved from a kill auction at 2 months of age with her mother, Harmony. Melody appeared perfectly normal until a few weeks ago. Both hind legs at the lower joints have begun to buckle and now she is losing weight with no apparent cause. We’ve started various supportive treatments but must find a cause.

The vet has informed us it’s highly likely Melody’s leg issues are genetic. Apparently, the type of overo pattern she and her mom are often carries a lot of “junk genes” from bad breeding practices.

Can you help us pay for additional diagnostic tests to help Melody?

We need to raise $400 to help with her current treatment and additional testing.

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Kind-hearted Whiskey
Kind-hearted Whiskey

Whiskey is a sweet gelding saved from a kill buyer. We’ve spent many months helping him heal from recurring hoof abscesses and malnutrition. In spite of Colorado’s continuing snow storms and up/down temperatures, other horses have shed their winter coats. We believe Whiskey, like Tilly, may have Cushings disease and need bloodwork done to help us progress with his final rehabilitation needs.

Can you help us pay for Whiskey’s bloodwork and, if needed, initial medication for Cushings?

We need to raise $250 to cover these expenses for a kind horse who should never have been in the hands of a kill buyer.

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duke.chiro_.neck_P.S. – I thought you’d like to know that Duke and Cricket are doing very well. We greatly appreciate everyone who helped fund their ongoing recovery needs.
Pictured Left: Duke with equine chiropractor