FRER Fights on for Wild Horses

Updates on Appeals for Oregon and Colorado Herds

In July and August 2015, Front Range says, the BLM rounded up all the wild and free-roaming horses in the areas.

In 2015, Front Range Equine Rescue filed appeals with the Interior Board of Land Appeals (IBLA) on behalf of the Kiger and Riddle Mountain herds (OR) and the West Douglas Creek herd (CO). IBLA has denied the appeals claiming that we do not have legal “standing”.

In response, our attorney filed in federal court against IBLA’s decision on the Oregon case.
A conference hearing with a judge has been set. Additional filings will be required to keep this critical case before the court.

Meanwhile, our legal team must prepare a similar reply against IBLA on behalf of the West Douglas herd in Colorado. Federal judges must rule that Front Range indeed does have legal standing.

It is critical we have this opportunity so that the actual cases for each herd can be brought before the respective courts.

As you know, legal efforts are very costly and time consuming. We have very strong cases on behalf of these wild horse herds.

Just as we fought to stop the expansion of horse slaughter in the United States and succeeded where no one had gone before, we hope to make new inroads against the ongoing destruction of America’s wild horses.


Wild horse roundups are cruel and unnecessary

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