2019 Summer Camps Off and Running!

Here is a brief summary from Day One of the annual “Care & Keeping of Horses” Camp:

Dear Parents,

Thank you for sending your awesome children to Horse Camp! We started by going on a horse hunt, finding horses everywhere! We learned about different breeds, and how horses move. We were visited by Farrier Dave and learned the parts of the hoof. We played a horse/trainer game, learning how to safely lead a 1,000 pound animal as well as how to correctly use a halter and lead rope. We watched a short DVD about Front Range Equine Rescue. Each camper should have come home with a calendar. We appreciate your family understanding our hope to educate the younger generation to help us stop the abuse and neglect of horses. We groomed all three horses and we mucked the field. We played a prey/predator game to learn about the trials and hardships of wild horses. We ended our time together hearing the story about “Molly” the horse who got a prosthetic leg after hurricane Katrina. Campers are encouraged to read their horse books and hopefully share something they learned from their book with others in the morning.

Yours in Horses,
Marion and Gianna

(Note: Marion is FRER’s Executive Director and in charge of education/events/volunteer activities based in Colorado; her daughter Gianna is her #1 assistant at the summer educational camps).

On other camp days, participants learned about basic veterinary care, general horse anatomy, watched demonstrations from different types of riders and trainers, put together horse related collages and more.