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Sunnie (ADOPTED)

Sunnie was just two years old when saved in August 2016 with several other horses before shipping to a feedlot and then loaded for a Canadian slaughterhouse.

She arrived sick with a viral infection (respiratory) and was treated for it. Some of her photos are shown with Riley who came in with her. They were quarantined together. Sunnie is very sweet and friendly (in your pocket).

After clearing up her respiratory infection and giving her time to become nutritionally sound and grow more, Sunnie underwent surgery in February 2017 to repair what turned out to be a larger than it looked umbilical hernia. She ended up having a second surgery near the end of the healing time when a small “pouch” was noted in the incision area. Sunnie was a real trooper and the vet praised her for being such a calm and easy going patient.

After a full recovery, Sunnie has progressed very well with her training evaluation. She is a fast learner and was easy to teach halter/lead, receive vet and farrier care, be groomed and stand tied. She has a great disposition and is still growing nicely.

Sunnie started under saddle training in June 2017 and took to it calmly and readily. She has been adopted to a great new home which can continue her training and bring her along into the lovely mare she’s going to be.

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  • Success Story
  • Strawberry Roan
  • Filly
  • 2014
  • QH-cross
  • 14h
  • $750
  • Colorado

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