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Riley was rescued in August 2016 as part of a group of horses heading to a Western feedlot before shipping to Canada for slaughter.

He is a bay OTTB gelding who we believe raced during 2013-2015.  He has a high bow (bowed tendon) on the right front and a low bow on the left front. These injuries are not recent which leads us to believe he was injured at the track and sent somewhere to heal up initially.
Riley is super friendly and gets along with other horses.  Part of his rehabilitation was to have our equine veterinarian do X-rays and an ultrasound which did not reveal any significant findings.  We also updated his other health care needs.
Riley has been in training evaluation for a few months. He can handle light to medium riding, basic trails or some arena work but nothing which could further stress his past injuries.  He will require an intermediate or better rider, preferably someone experienced with Thoroughbred horses. 

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  • Success Story
  • Bay
  • Gelding
  • 2008
  • Thoroughbred
  • 16h
  • $850
  • Colorado

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