The Horses Thank you!

We are very grateful to everyone who donated to help ongoing veterinary expenses for Melody, Tilly and Whiskey.

While we wait for results from Tilly’s bloodwork, Whiskey’s results came back negative for Cushings disease.

Now the challenge is to find out what combination of nutritional supplements will boost his final weight gain needs.

Melody in support wraps.
Melody in support wraps.

Melody’s bloodwork did not indicate a genetic disease as feared, but she was low on several protein indicators. It is unclear why her levels are low as the hay provided has good protein content. She does have Epiphysitis* and treatment is going well. Melody has been stellar about having daily support wraps.

*Epiphysitis is a generalized bone disease of young, growing horses that is characterized by the enlargement of the growth plates in long bones such as the tibia, radius, and cannon bones. It is most commonly seen in horses four to eight months of age, when they are undergoing rapid growth.

Cricket’s scar from surgery is barely visible as she grazes with a friend.



We truly value your loyal support of our work. Working together we have changed many horses’ lives for the better!

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