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Tilly is an older pony mare who was in terrible condition when saved from a kill buyer along with Mowgli. Her feet clearly had not been trimmed for years and she showed signs of overall neglect. She had to be treated for diarrhea and watched for signs of any other illness due to exposure at the kill lot. Stand-offish at first, Tilly was very well behaved for her first hoof trim and other handling. At some point, this poor pony was well treated.

Tilly is healthy although diagnosed with Cushings disease which requires medication for life. She does not show signs of lameness but has the “shaggy” hair coat often common to horses with Cushings which might need clipping if she doesn’t shed properly by each summer.

UPDATE: Tilly has been treated for chronic eye infection and as she’s aged cataracts have been forming. She is permanently retired with the rescue and not available for adoption.

2020 UPDATE: Old age eventually caught up with Tilly and she was humanely put down in early November. Her eye disease had advanced to where the retinas were dissolving and due to Cushings (in spite of medication) or other factors she was unable to maintain a healthy weight. Tilly had become a favorite at the summer educational camps and stood patiently for many grooming sessions and other learning experiences.

More About Tilly

  • Success Story
  • Silver dapple/grey
  • Mare
  • 1996
  • Miniature Horse
  • 37"
  • Colorado

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