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Cisco is one of several horses removed from a kill lot during 2015. He was very thin, in need of basic medical care, farrier and worming as well as being gelded once at a healthy weight. After thorough evaluation it was determined Cisco had signs of mild COPD (respiratory issue). He has been carefully monitored and with regular, light exercise and proper health care he successfully went through training assessment.

Cisco is riding sound but due to early signs of COPD, he cannot do any competitive riding, high altitude riding or high altitude living. He is for an intermediate to experienced rider as he was green-started. Currently he has many arena rides and pasture rides which he enjoys. He maintained a calm, willing attitude throughout his training and would do very well in a home with rides around the neighborhood or non-steep trails in a park setting.
He is very personable with people, but can be dominant with some horses so proper socialization is necessary for a new home situation. He would be fine grazing in large pasture areas but for hay/grain feedings should be kept in separate paddock or stall/run situation. He is fine with horses around him in other stalls or paddocks.
The rescue will provide veterinarian’s instructions with regard to monitoring or any “treatment” for COPD signs. Currently these are no rides/work in more extreme weather conditions; moistening hay if needed; keep Cisco in well-ventilated shelter situation to keep dust levels low; steroid injection once or twice a year if needed (seasonal changes might be a trigger); very careful monitoring if area is smokey due to wildfires (remove if possible); have vet listen to lungs for any signs of congestion occasionally or if any symptom occurs. Currently Cisco’s lungs are clear and have been for close to a year.
Cisco was successfully adopted to a new home in June 2018.

More About Cisco (ADOPTED)

  • Success Story
  • Buckskin
  • Gelding
  • 2006
  • QH cross
  • 15.1h
  • $800
  • Colorado

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