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Melody (AKA Zara)

ADOPTED! In 2015, two-month-old Melody was rescued with her mother (Harmony) from a low-end auction which kill buyers always attend. In spite of Harmony being thin, Melody seemed fairly healthy. She developed normally and was energetic but very sweet to work around.

In April 2016, we noticed weakness and some abnormality to Melody’s hind legs. She was less energetic and began to lose some weight. She was diagnosed with epiphysitis and received supportive care. Fortunately, there does not seem to be a genetic component after blood work did not pick up any indicators (some bloodlines of Overo paints carry “junk genes” from bad breeding practices). Melody is now healthy and doing very well. She has been renamed “Zara” by her trainer who has adopted her. ADOPTED


This horse is not available for adoption

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