Nevada Wild Horses Face Cruel Winter Roundup

Wild horses and burros belong on taxpayer funded public lands allocated to them by law. Cruel and unnecessary roundups mean trauma, injuries and even death for these iconic animals.

Late in 2023, thousands of Nevada’s wild horses were slated to undergo relentless helicopter roundup activity resulting in capture and removal from their homes on the range.

During that time, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) was scheduled to round up Nevada’s East Pershing Complex wild horses. There are over 2,800 mustangs targeted by the BLM contractor hired to hunt down the horses via helicopter.

It cannot be emphasized enough that helicopter roundups are extremely traumatic for wild horses (and burros). Many of the horses (of all ages) suffer severe injuries attempting to escape from the helicopters. Others lose their lives during or after a roundup is over. Horses who do survive often suffer the heartbreak of being separated from their families which have strong bonds, as they end up trucked to overcrowded government holding facilities.

The terror and stress endured from a roundup are horrific for wild horses. They are living symbols of freedom and are treasured icons of the West. The physical and psychological damage put upon them from being hunted down, chased relentlessly, and held captive for life is grossly inhumane, not to mention the barbarity to those slipped through the cracks and into the slaughter pipeline.

Advocacy groups are working hard to promote humane, on the range management strategies instead of unnecessary, inhumane and expensive helicopter roundups.