Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation Means Looking Beyond the Surface

At first glance, people often think just feeding a skinny horse will restore its health. Or, in the case of “Windsor” pictured, having a hoof trim (or two) is the answer.

At Front Range Equine Rescue, we believe that legitimate rescue provides thorough assessment and proper rehabilitation, not some quick fix or the “save and flip” mentality where horses are obtained and sold off in whatever condition to the next person. Too often this leads to more neglect, abuse, suffering and even death to these horses.

While the majority of horses with Front Range Equine Rescue can be rehabilitated and adopted to qualified homes, for horses like Windsor it is too late. Damage to internal hoof structures and lower leg joints was irreparable and the level of pain he endured from it could not be successfully alleviated.

Horses should not be viewed or treated as disposable trash. They require owners with knowledge of proper horse care along with the time and financial commitment to provide it.