Educational Camp with Rescue Horses

Summertime educational camps featuring some of Front Range’s rescue horses are always a huge hit with participants and their families. Age-appropriate curriculums give campers a chance to learn about basic horse care, responsible horse ownership, an introduction to various breeds, colors, and even some horse anatomy. Learning occurs with a combination of audio and visual aids along with actual hands-on opportunities. There are even guest speakers and demonstrators including an equine vet, farrier, and horse rider or trainer.

This year featured the very popular “The Care & Keeping of Horses” camp along with a brand new one titled “The History of the Horse” which finished its 3 days with campers performing a play (Sybil Ludington’s Ride) for an audience of 50 family members.

We Love to Hear Feedback:

“I never got a chance to tell you how special your camp was for Miranda and Savanna! Miranda has always had a love for horses, but being at your camp just opened up her eyes even more to a future in the horse world. She told me she looks at horses now as if she’s trying to understand their story and figure out if they’re in need of help or if they’re happy. You’ve planted this seed in her heart to give every horse she meets a shot at a beautiful life. I’m so glad she was able to experience your camp!!”