Big Thanks to Real Time Pain Relief!

Real Time Pain Relief just released their Pet Formula!

Real Time Pain Relief is a company that produces a topical pain reliever for humans, and recently established a line for animals.

Their mission is to spread relief.

From Christine, who works for Real Time Pain Relief:

“I found your website and read about the great services your program provides. I admire how your organization saves horses and helps them find good homes! Real Time Pain Relief would like to give Front Range Equine Rescue a case of our Pet Formula for any of your horses that deal with arthritis or any other type of soreness and stiffness.

I grew up around horses and know that as some age, they can develop ankle, knee, hip, or back pain. When any of them developed pain, I could see how it affected them and it made me sad. My horses were an incredible influence on my life; I don’t know if I would be the same person I am today without their influence. It would make me incredibly happy to send some relief to a horse who needs it!

The product is a special blend of 15 gentle Ingredients from Nature, all of which are known to cause a relaxing effect in the area needing it. It does not contain any potent medications or anything that would cause worry. When applied, this spray delivers a gentle cooling sensation. We have had many animals show vivid signs of relief; it is visible in their eyes and an enlightened spirit.”

Thank you to Christine for reaching out to us with a very generous donation offer from the company she works for and her own compassion for the horses we all love dearly.