Two Ways to Help Today!

Johnny Boy’s leg was “rotting” from a massive infection
Johnny Boy’s leg was “rotting” from a massive infection

Less than two weeks ago we had a last minute call to help horses before they transported to a Western feedlot, and then onto a Canadian slaughterhouse.

We were very thankful that many of our supporters were able to help raise part of the funding needed to spare these horses. Sadly, several of these horses had pre-existing, chronic conditions which it was too late to treat, and too late to offer a pain-free quality of life. Instead of past owners doing the right thing, we were again put in the position to provide humane euthanasia.

On a happier note, a few of the horses are able to be treated for various health issues.

But we need your support to ensure they get every chance we can offer!

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Meet Riley and Sunnie

Riley and Sunnie need your help.
Riley and Sunnie need your help.

Riley is a former track horse with two bowed tendons and a super friendly personality. He has several veterinary and nutritional needs we need funding for in order to restore his health.

Sunnie is a little two-year-old filly needing TLC! Our guess is that she was thrown away due to her umbilical hernia which a former owner could easily have fixed. Her time in less than ideal conditions has left her sick with a respiratory virus which we are treating. She also requires veterinary care to assess potential shoulder/hind end issues which were reported to us. Once we get her past all of that, we need funding for surgery to repair her umbilical hernia.

Gift Match – Expansion Projects!

Front Range Equine Rescue was honored to be one of fifteen equine rescues awarded a matching grant from the ASPCA for expansion needs. We have raised $7,600 of the $10,000 needed in order to receive the grant match of $10,000.

This funding will finish fencing and barn/shelter projects we’ve worked on for many months. Please consider helping us make your donation a 2-for-1 match so that our rescue horses have more turn out pasture options and stall accommodations.

Expanded facilities allow for more at risk horses to be saved
Expanded facilities allow for more at risk horses to be saved.