Brutal Wild Horse Roundup In Nevada

As far back as 2006, FRER received documentation of cruel and inhumane treatment of captured wild horses. Photo from a past NV roundup.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) continues its roundup of wild horses in Nevada’s East Pershing Complex. Since late December, over 1,000 horses have endured dangerous helicopter chases along with abusive treatment by the BLM’s contractors.

The East Pershing Complex roundup is the largest scheduled one for Fiscal Year 2024 (FY24).

Over a month into the roundup, at least 1,700 of close to 3,000 wild horses targeted for removal have been captured.

Almost 20 wild horses have been killed during this operation. Among the dead is a young foal who was euthanized at the capture site due to an injury resulting from being chased and roped by the BLM’s wranglers.

The foal’s tragic story is one of many being reported about the East Pershing roundup. The BLM’s contractors also herded a large number of horses into a trap. This caused the horses to panic and attempt to escape, to the point of almost breaking through the panels.

An observer from the AWHC also recorded video footage that shows a helicopter flying dangerously close to the horses’ heads, and documents deliberate agitation by the BLM’s contractors post-capture.