Colorado’s West Douglas Wild Horse Herd Wiped Out

America’s iconic wild horses (and burros) are being removed from Western lands at alarming rates each year. Family bonds are broken; horses are traumatized, injured and even die from brutal roundups.

A portion of northwest Colorado that used to be home to hundreds of wild horses now has none.

The federal Bureau of Land Management has completed its roundup of the last remaining 122 wild horses in the West Douglas Herd Area, located just below Rangely on Colorado’s western slope.

This September, the BLM used a helicopter drive-trap method to round up and remove the mustangs that lived there, saying the area is not suitable for horses and was designated that way back in the 1970s.

But while the area may not be suitable for horses, CBS News Colorado found it is suitable for thousands of cattle to graze. Some critics feel the BLM is wasting hard-earned tax dollars to subsidize ranching operations.

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