Thank you from Cricket and Duke!!!

I’m happy to report that funding to help rescue horses Cricket and Duke for their veterinary needs has been raised.

We greatly appreciate everyone contributing to make sure these two deserving horses receive the care they need to continue recovering from abuses they’ve endured.

Special thanks to Jan in Texas and Gary in Florida to ensure we reached the goal needed for both horses.

Cricket’s Surgery

You may recall that Cricket was close to full health except for a recurring abscess on her right hip. We were told this sweet girl had been used at low-end Mexican rodeos in the illegal “sport” of horse tripping.

Her veterinarian suggested surgery to see if a bone fragment was the possible cause.¬†Cricket recently underwent surgery and it was discovered that a patch on the hip bone’s surface had died and needed to be scraped off with some tools.

When a bone is hit hard enough (as with a sharp fall), it can cause bone to die off.

Cricket sleeps off the sedation post-surgery.
Cricket undergoing surgery.

Duke is a big boy with an even bigger heart!
Duke is a big boy with an even bigger heart!

Duke’s Healing Process

Duke is scheduled for additional chiropractic treatments to assist with recovery from back injuries. As you may recall, poor Duke was terrified of entering a starting gate at the race track. Clearly he fought attempts to force him in and suffered injuries as a result.

Once healed of his physical pain, Duke will have his trust and confidence rebuilt for going into enclosed spaces. It was so sad to see him trembling with fear when asked to load into a horse trailer the day we saved him from heading to slaughter.

Duke’s future treatments will be in 2-3 week intervals. He has shown some improvement after two initial treatments. We are cautiously optimistic he will be able to carry a rider again and become a pleasure/trail horse. Click here to learn more ways you can help.


The recent March blizzard, followed by more snow storms over the following week, wreaked havoc in Colorado. We have 14 horses currently under our care in northern Colorado at a private farm. While all of our horses are okay, portions of a hay supply were ruined as the relentless wind drove snow underneath the tarped hay.

“It was so nasty out that the visibility was only about 40 feet at times, and the wind and snow completely overran our barns, practically making them useless.”

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Can you help us replenish the damaged hay supply?

We need $500 to replace the damaged bales and would like to have it delivered as soon as possible. To learn more ways you can help, visit our What Can You Do? page.

Thank you!

I know you have many options with your charitable giving. Thank you so much for supporting Cricket and Duke and the many other horses under our care.

Together we truly make a positive difference for horses.

For the horses,


No gift is too small and everything will truly help!

If you prefer to donate by mail instead of online, click here for our mail-in reply form.

How To Help:

Close-out: Embroidered Horse Head T-Shirts
Close-out: Embroidered Horse Head T-Shirts

Your tax deductible donations to Front Range Equine Rescue save the lives of at-risk horses. We need funding to provide feed/hay, veterinary care, farrier services, as well as expanded facility projects including fencing and barn construction at the new NC farm.