Cricket and Duke Need Help!

Cricket is a sweet Arabian/Quarter Horse mare who was dropped off by a kill buyer for us in Colorado.

Cricket when she first arrived
Cricket when she first arrived

We don’t know a lot about Cricket’s past but she is about 7 years old and was emaciated along with other injuries upon arrival. The story given to us was that she was used for tripping/roping practice at low-end Mexican rodeos. Horse tripping is illegal and done in secret.

Cricket was thoroughly examined for fractures, breaks or dislocations. Fortunately, none were found and she did not show neurologic symptoms. She was treated for a leg injury which healed over time.

Unfortunately, she has developed an ongoing abscess in her hip. The vet believes a foreign object or perhaps a bone chip from being thrown to the ground when tripped during her rodeo days may be lodged in there. Now she needs surgery to locate and remove this object in order to fully heal.

Cricket recovering
Cricket recovering

We need to raise $600 to pay for Cricket’s surgery and recovery care. Can you help Cricket?

If you prefer to donate by mail instead of online, click here for our mail-in reply form.

Every dollar will help! The good news is that Cricket will be ready for training evaluation and adoption if we can get her fully healthy again.

Duke at the Virginia foster farm needs your help!

This very sweet 3 year old gelding had a hard time in his short racetrack career. Last month we received a call from a racetrack worker about a kind Thoroughbred gelding who was heading to slaughter. He was being thrown away because of starting gate fears. We rushed to pick Duke up before the meat truck could arrive.

After careful evaluation, it is clear Duke not only banged his head when trying to load into the starting gate (he has a permanent small knot on his head as a result), but clearly had fallen over, more than once. The result of his terror and being beaten to get into the starting gate has left him with several injuries to his back. The good news is we believe all are treatable.

We had an equine chiropractor examine Duke and provide an adjustment. When Duke was re-checked, there was some improvement. However, Duke needs additional treatment before we can progress with further evaluation to ensure his safe future.


We need to raise $450 to cover additional care for Duke.

We’ll have a lot of reconditioning to do for poor, sweet Duke to overcome his terror of small spaces. But until we can get him pain free in his back, we won’t be able to fully recondition him for training evaluation.

At Front Range Equine Rescue, we see horses like Cricket and Duke too many times. We have a proven success record of getting them well again and into great new homes. But we cannot do it without you joining our effort to ensure we provide the best care for them. Horses like Cricket and Duke deserve better than what they’ve experienced in their young lives so far!

I greatly appreciate your loyal support and hope you can help us “do right” by these two very deserving horses.

For the horses,


Purchase a Forever Free Mustang Emblem Coffee Mug to Help Save Horses
Purchase a Forever Free Mustang Emblem Coffee Mug to Help Save Horses


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