Protecting America’s Wild Horses

Currently, thousands of wild horses are being rounded up over 3 million acres of land in Wyoming.

Meanwhile, the House and Senate appropriations committees gave the BLM a budget increase for Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22) to go towards BLM’s helicopter roundup programs.

America’s wild horses and burros are in grave jeopardy and need change now!

Your voice is needed to tell the BLM’s Director (Stone-Manning) to:

  • Stop funding inhumane, costly roundups and allocate those funds to scientifically sound on-the-range management methods. This should include safe, effective, and humane population control vaccines to keep horses on taxpayer-funded lands which have been allocated to them by law.
  • Stop the “Adoption Incentive Program” which pays adopters $1,000 per horse and investigations found that truckloads of wild horses and burros ended up in the slaughter pipeline as people took the money and dumped the horses.
  • Roundups need transparency — ensure that cameras are located on helicopters, traps, and at holding pens; allow appropriate public observation of roundups where observers are not kept at great distances or banned from seeing the capture, transport, offloading, and management of horses at holding facilities.
  • Balance the allocation of commercial livestock grazing permits within wild horse and burro habitats so that livestock (cattle, sheep) do not grossly outnumber wild horses.
  • Strengthen and enforce the BLM’s “Comprehensive Animal Welfare Program” (CAWP) guidelines.

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Wild horses suffer injuries and even death due to costly, cruel and unnecessary roundups. Tell the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to utilize on the range, humane management methods to preserve America’s wild horses and burros on public lands.