Memorial Day Emergency

When Two Horses In Need Turned Into Twelve!

Sallie lived with structural leg deformities and no handling

Too often in rescue we have split second decisions to make. Late on Monday I received a call from our rescue coordinator in Colorado. A kill buyer had contacted her regarding two horses “we might like” – an odd choice of words but we knew it meant they were in bad shape.

An hour later I received a call from our coordinator from the kill lot. She said multiple horses were in very poor shape — a sorrel gelding having tremendous breathing difficulty, a mare with extensive abrasions and infected leg wounds allegedly from horse tripping, a young chestnut mare with leg deformities, a pair of old horses huddled in a corner afraid of being approached and others with heart-wrenching conditions.

I couldn’t say no. We negotiated with the kill buyer and are in the process of removing all 12 horses.

Hank had severe COPD and struggled with every breath. He is at peace now.

Will you help me raise the $3,600 I need to pay the initial expense for this last minute, tragic rescue situation? Your contribution helps us cover the cost of purchase and initial veterinary evaluations.

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Rocky (Arab) and Bullwinkle (Appy) brightened up once off the kill lot