Redsey (RETIRED)


I’m really a registered Quarter Horse

First let me say I know I look like a Thoroughbred but I’m really a registered Quarter Horse. They call me Red or Redsey, partly because of my color and also because my papered name has the word “Resque” in it which sounds a bit like “rescue.” My last home used me in lots of events with loud noises and music. There were parades and other things their kids took me too. It was quite exciting for me. But a day came when they couldn’t keep me and sent me to a scary place called auction. My old owner seemed sad and I waited for us to get back in the trailer and go home. But that didn’t happen. When it was all over I heard I was very lucky that a rescue had purchased me and kept me from the kill buyer.

I was so happy I did some bucking and galloping in the pasture that day as I felt really good.

The rescue people made sure I had enough to eat to get my weight back to normal. They took care of my teeth and hooves which had been a little neglected. I was nervous at first when they had a vet check my back. That nice lady found a lot of my sore spots and made them better. I was so happy I did some bucking and galloping in the pasture that day as I felt really good. My caretakers also found out I have some trouble with my right hip and hind leg. They know my riding days are done and don’t mind. They give me special supplements to help. I like being retired as I can spend happy days with my best friends Buddy and Kalil. And I really like the treats with our breakfast and dinner!

UPDATE (Dec 2021): Redsey remains at the rescue as a permanent resident. He did lose his former friends, but has plenty of other herd mates to hang out with. He has even stopped being “fearful” of William and has come to accept a newer horse (Buddy III) as his next door neighbor in the barn. Redsey has health issues including allergies in the hotter, more humid months along with hypercementosis, a progressive dental disease. Overall, he remains healthy with a good appetite and does enjoy being hosed off/bathed during the summer months. And he really appreciates his stall fans that are kept on 24/7 until the cooler, less humid weather returns.

More About Redsey (RETIRED)

  • Retired
  • Chestnut
  • Gelding
  • 1991
  • Quarterhorse
  • Florida

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