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A busy mind and busy feet

Hi, I’m Buddy and the rescue lady said I have a busy mind and busy feet. Before I came here I was used and made to go fast, all the time. At first it seemed fun, but then it was always what people wanted. I got hurt a few times but the people still wanted me to go fast. I am a smart boy and want to please. But my last owner didn’t understand me so I was bought by a kill buyer and it was a very scary place I went to. Then one day I was taken to another place; they called it a rescue.

I know now I am safe and cared for, and always will be.

The horses weren’t scared and there was plenty of good food. It was clean and the people were very nice. The rescue lady understood me. She saw when I was cold because I was too thin and put a warm blanket on me. She brought people who took care of my injured back the best they could. I felt young again and used to run the pastures at turn out time.

Redsey and I have been friends for awhile. We came to the rescue at the same time. I know now I am safe and cared for, and always will be. I can walk quietly in and out of gated areas now. No one is making me go fast. I get to go the speed I am comfortable with. Of course I do like to gobble up my treats fast. They are really tasty!

Update: During late 2018 we noticed the start of small declines in Buddy’s health. The vets could never pinpoint what was going on and to a casual observer nothing would have seemed unusual. Buddy went through the winter and into 2019. By late February it was apparent something was going on and we suspected organ failure. Buddy had a swollen sheath and his abdominal cavity seemed to be expanding. By the beginning of March he stopped showing interest in hay but was happy to graze during turn out. Things progressed rapidly over a few days and the vet was called as we suspected Buddy was going to either colic or might be in congenital heart failure. The vet diagnosed the latter and he was humanely put down. It’s been a huge loss to us (and his best friend, Redsey who took several days to grieve). Fortunately DJ, Buckshot and Pip helped Redsey join their group and little Peanut (one of the minis) gave Red extra comfort as they are stalled with runs next to each other.

Update: In March of 2019 Buddy went into congestive heart failure and was humanely euthanized. He is greatly missed and we were happy to give him the final years of his life.

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  • Success Story
  • Bay
  • Gelding
  • 1992
  • Arab-Cross
  • Florida

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