My name is now Vanilla, but everyone calls me ‘Nilla.

I remember a good life when I was younger. People always admired me because of my color. I’ve met good people and bad. Sometimes I was used too hard, and other times not given the best of care. That seemed to happen more as I got older.

A kind woman patted me and whispered “you’re safe”.

In time I was sent to a kill auction. I was in poor health and feeling very dejected and alone. My pretty color didn’t matter as I was very thin and my coat in poor condition. They just called me an old mare of no use. It was my lucky day that a good rescue came to auction that day. A kind woman patted me and whispered “you’re safe”. I was happy to leave in her trailer as I saw other horses being crammed into another larger trailer. They were afraid and I was scared for them.

It took many months to get my weight back up as I’d been poorly for quite some time. My teeth are worn and I get some special feed with my hay. Sometimes I feel young again and trot around during turn out. I like meeting the new horses who come in as I know they will be made well again too. It was a happy day when I heard I get to retire under the care of the rescue.

This horse is not available for adoption


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