My name is Kalil (you say it like “Kay-leel”) and it means friend.

It’s a very good life to be safe and cared for as a senior horse.

I’ve had a long life, some good, some a little tough. My friend Jamal and I were donated to the rescue when our owner could not afford to care for us. It was good to have just enough food all of the time again and all the things that mean we are cared for. I really liked when the chiropractor came and also did acupuncture. I would watch closely when my fellow horse friends had their turn. Sometimes they had to gently push my nose out of the way as I liked to get really close. When it was my turn I really enjoyed it. My legs are not as good as they used to be. I have some weakening in my tendons, not enough to cause big problems but I cannot be ridden.

The rescue lady let me retire and I was a good friend to a horse named Smarty before coming to Florida. We were all very sad that he couldn’t come with us because cancer took his health away. My job now is to keep Buddy and Redsey in line. I like being boss over them even if Redsey is a lot bigger than me. Sometimes I run in with the other guys in the herd and play with Flash. It’s a very good life to be safe and cared for as a senior horse.

Update: After 5 years with the rescue, we lost Kalil in September 2018 to a sudden onset of colic. The vet was out several times but his condition only worsened. He was humanely put down and now runs free with his old companions Jamal and Smarty who passed on before him. Kalil is sorely missed.

More About Kalil

  • Success Story
  • Gelding
  • 1991
  • Arabian / Quarterhorse Cross
  • Florida

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