My name is Flash, Flashy, and Flashy G.

I must be really special because I have 3 names the rescue lady calls me and I like the way she says all of them! But things weren’t always this good for me. I used to be in a very bad place where a lot of horses lived. We didn’t have enough to eat most of the time; there was a lot of junk and mess on the property. I was scared when other horses laid down and died. I itched a lot. One day things suddenly changed. Trucks and trailers came. We got corralled and loaded into trailers which took us away. We spent time in a strange place, but there was food and clean water. My friend Honcho and I got caught up another day and put back in the trailer. We were scared.

They tell me I’m a very good pony and very handsome.

Soon we were at a new place; it was clean and there were some other horses. We were put into a turn out area with good hay and fresh water. Honcho and I were kind of wild. We didn’t understand anything about humans and what they wanted. I used to hide behind Honcho when someone tried to approach us. A lady who was there all of the time would talk to us and just let us hang out where we wanted. She would have delicious handfuls of alfalfa hay which we learned to eat from her hand as a treat. We learned to trust her and let her pet us a little at a time. She did have me caught up once in a smaller space because of my itching. They put a powder all over me (they said I had lice). I tried to kick the vet once, but it did feel good when the nice lady brushed the power into my hair coat.

Over time I learned a lot of new stuff

-Not being scared to wear a halter, walking on a lead rope, having my feet trimmed (that was very, very scary), having my teeth floated and eventually what riding was all about. They tell me I’m a very good pony and very handsome. I’m still afraid of new people and things that are too new or quick. And I have to admit I am still quite naughty when it comes to needles even if it’s a quick vaccine. The rescue lady had a long talk with me some time ago. She told me that I was going to just stay with her and the rescue because she didn’t trust finding just the right person for me who could make sure all that I’ve learned wouldn’t accidentally be undone if someone didn’t understand me when I’m scared. I’m really, really happy about this as I like my friends here at the rescue, even when Merlin tries to get me in trouble sometimes.

UPDATE (Dec 2021): Flash has been retired with the rescue for many years and has spent the last 6 at the Florida location with many of his good friends. He and Pip are especially close, but Flash does work “hard” to keep Buddy (III) in line with lots of daily playing and running around. Flash has maintained a more confident manner since his early days with the rescue. He is very good with being bathed, fly sprayed, wearing a fly mask and with the farrier. He has developed some respiratory seasonal allergies which are monitored and treated as needed.

More About Flash (RETIRED)

  • Retired
  • Gelding
  • 2007
  • Welsh Pony / Quarterhorse Cross
  • Florida

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