My name is Merlin and I can beat Flash at having a lot of names.

I am also called Merle, Merlie, and my favorite, Merlano! I like persuading Flash to goof off a little when it’s time to come in. I’m a mustang, born in the wild where my family and I ran free. The rescue lady said I don’t have to talk about the horrible day when we were chased and taken away from our home to be in captivity. Some people taught me things I could understand. I don’t always mind wearing a halter and leading. I’m very good with a vet and farrier if they are good to me. I love being groomed and when the rescue lady takes care of my eyes when they get watery during hotter weather. The rescue lady laughs and says I’m naughty because I stand in the rain and then when I get a chance, roll in the dirt. But I know that means extra grooming!

I do my best to trust the rescue people as they have always been good to me.

Before I came to the rescue, very bad people got their hands on me. A very mean, nasty man abused me. I am too scared to wear a saddle now and no one can ever ride me. The rescue people tried to give me kind and patient re-training, but saw that “the damage was done” and have let me retire with them. I was dumped at a kill auction twice before the rescue found me. I’m a sweet horse but as a mustang I can’t forget the bad things that humans did to me. I do my best to trust the rescue people as they have always been good to me. I just started nickering at the rescue lady when she calls my name, just so she knows I really am glad to be safe.

Update:  I’m enjoying my time in Florida with my friends, but it does get hot in summer. Our stalls and barn have fans turned on all of the time when that happens so that really helps. When we are out grazing in the morning there are trees and shelters too. The vets and rescue lady have talked about my cancer (melanomas) and are watching closely. For now, it has not become too much of a problem, but I know there is worry because some are in “dangerous” places.

Update, 11/2017: Our hearts were broken in November 2017 when cancer got the better of dear, sweet Merlin and he was humanely put down. Like too many grey horses Merlin had developed melanoma and sadly they were very rapid in growth and spreading — also located in “dangerous” areas and the vets were certain had gone internally as well. Once the melanomas began to rupture high up in the sheath area, it became time to make that final decision. Lots of tears have been shed by all who loved him as he now truly runs free again.

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  • Success Story
  • Gelding
  • 2004
  • Mustang
  • Florida

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