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Mowgli (ADOPTED)

Mowgli was saved from a kill buyer along with Tilly. He was in overall poor condition with very overgrown hooves. He was sick with diarrhea and showed signs of overall neglect. Mowgli handled his first hoof trim well and steadily improved over time. When his mother (Tilly) tested positive for Cushings, we also tested Mowgli. His test was “low” positive. It is recommended to keep him on medication until levels normalize; however he might not require medication permanently at this time. He does not show signs of lameness and is ready for a qualified new home.

Mowgli is very personable and outgoing. He could be trained to pull a cart or just be a companion with smaller ponies and/or other minis. Update: Mowgli was adopted in September 2017 as a companion for a Haflinger mare.

This horse is not available for adoption

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