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Chief joined the rescue in September 2016 through an owner surrender. The story provided to us was that Chief had not been ridden winter months, then was taken to a 5 day, all day, clinic. Issues arose sometime after that. He was most likely very sore as a result of time off all winter and then being placed into too much work. Improper saddle fit may have also been a contributing factor. The former owner had a vet treat Chief for “back issues”.

After several evaluations, our vet found no signs of back trouble. We’ve updated Chief’s dental care which had lapsed and other routine care needs. He is a very friendly horse and easy to handle on the ground.

Chief began training evaluation in October with no signs of soreness, training or behavioral issues. He is very well trained and we’ve tried various types of saddles on him with no issues. He can ride out with other horses or alone. Super nice horse for trail riding by an intermediate or better rider.

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  • Success Story
  • Red Roan
  • Gelding
  • 2000
  • Appaloosa
  • 14.2h
  • $1200
  • Colorado

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