From Rags to Riches? Meet Chloe, A Lucky Mustang Filly

After 3 months of rehabilitation, Chloe progressed to training evaluation where she has learned many new things. Donor support has given this lovely mustang filly a second chance at life.

Chloe is one of over 50 horses rescued during late September into November 2019 to keep them out of the slaughter pipeline.

She is a young mustang who was very stand-offish initially but slowly became more curious and friendly after being rescued and settling into a new routine. Along with several other horses, she remained in a quarantine situation as they had been removed from a lot where many sick horses are located.

Chloe was also very lame at first, but in time improved (once she was able to receive basic gentling/handling it was discovered she was healing from a hoof abscess).

Chloe’s further rehabilitation progress and beginning stages of training can be seen on her special page here.