Chloe is one of over 50 horses rescued during late September into October 2019 to keep them out of the slaughter pipeline. Chloe appears to be a young mustang who was stand-offish at first, but has slowly become more curious and friendly after settling in. She doesn’t seem to have a lot of training including not being halter/lead trained. Until she is out of quarantine, training evaluation cannot begin. Chloe was very lame upon arrival but seems to have improved. She appears to be club-footed and it’s unclear if a lack of farrier care or her conformation are causes for lameness. We hope to begin a more in-depth assessment during November and December 2019.

Update October 2020:
In late summer, Chloe began having minor setbacks in her training process. While some issues were related to training, it was decided to have a veterinary exam to rule out any potential physical cause(s). Sadly it was discovered Chloe had numerous OCD lesions of her right hind femur and also a large cyst at a subchondral level and was a clear source of deep pain. There were issues with osteo-arthritic changes and bone spurs to the stifle joint. All of these and other findings were not new issues, but had “flared up” over time. The vet indicated there was nothing which could make Chloe just relatively comfortable even if she were a companion only horse. Chloe was humanely euthanized and it is our belief these initial injuries/trauma occurred during a roundup or not long after capture.

Update 2/12/20

Chloe finished her quarantine period and went with a few of the other horses to receive veterinary care. While she is an unhandled mustang, she is very smart and watched her friends load into the roomy 6-horse trailer. She hopped right in and, even though she then seemed startled, she rode very well with her buddies. She has a current Coggins but has to learn basic gentling and handling skills before her hooves can be worked on and before any dental exam, treatment. Chloe’s curious nature makes her a delight to work with. She is currently with Cookie at a training facility and settling into her new routine very well.

Chloe is excelling in her training program. She has learned to be haltered, led, load into a trailer, pick up hooves for farrier care, being groomed, sprayed from a bottle (for summer fly spraying), de-spooking to various objects, wearing tack and beginnings of under saddle riding. You can follow her progress on Facebook here.

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  • Mare
  • 2015
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