CSU Backs Out, BLM Refuses to Stop Barbaric Plan

Mares from a Nevada roundup years ago lost their freedom but did not face “Dr. Frankenstein” experiments.

CSU Backs Out of Dangerous Surgery on Wild Mares – BLM Refuses to Stop

A recent from Colorado State University (CSU) indicated that they were withdrawing from their partnership with the BLM for the surgical spaying of mares. However, the BLM has announced they intend to:

… use the same surgical protocol originally approved by the CSU IACUC. BLM-contracted veterinarians would be required to have experience performing ovariectomy via colpotomy and standing sedation on at least 100 ungentled, wild horse mares. The BLM and contracted veterinarians would monitor the mares during and after surgery to provide data for the three specific aims related to the surgical portion of the project (described above). Because the procedure would still be carried out by experienced contract veterinarians, and the surgical protocol is unchanged, the departure of CSU’s team does not affect the procedure’s anticipated outcomes.

The procedure uses a looped-chain instrument (ecraseur) to crush and tear out the ovaries. The surgeries would be performed in an non-sterile environment and it poses serious risks ranging from infection, hemorrhaging, evisceration where the intestines come through the incision and even death. The mares who are pregnant could abort their foals. Post-operative complications have a high frequency.

The BLM has humane alternatives to manage wild horse populations, many of which they either refuse to use or do not use widely enough even with known success rates. While the horses in the photo to the right, didn’t undergo brutal surgery, they are now at risk. 100 wild mares (many pregnant) could suffer a barbaric “spay” surgical procedure after a brutal helicopter roundup of the Warm Springs HMA in Oregon.

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