Girl Scout Troop Earns Horsemanship Badge

Education about horses and responsible horse ownership is a critical part in helping to prevent equine abuse and neglect. Horse owners and the “horse-loving” public can benefit from participating in educational clinics or events.

Front Range Equine Rescue hosted a clinic for a Girl Scout troop who were earning their horsemanship badge. Front Range’s education coordinator hosted the group at her facility in the Black Forest (CO).

Participants learned about basic anatomy, how to clean a stall, groom a horse, lead a horse at the walk through a simple obstacle course, learn about the differences of English and Western saddles as well as observe a horse’s gaits (walk, trot, canter).

The Scouts also played a “predator/prey” game and ended the day with “what did you learn”. All of them are now anxious to attend one of Front Range’s summer youth camps to learn more and spend more time with horses!

We thank all of the girls for their enthusiasm, the troop leader for coordinating the event with us and rescue horses Tilly (a mini), Cricket (a pony) and their friend Splash (paint mare).
camp.girlscouts.tilly.groom (1)