CO State University Backs Out of Brutal Wild Horse Sterilizations

“We urge the BLM to use the many available humane alternatives instead of this radical method of population control” -Hilary Wood, President of FRER

BLM’s Plans to Conduct Experimental Sterilization Surgeries on Wild Horses Have Been Disrupted

Late last week Colorado State University (CSU) issued a statement withdrawing from partnering with the BLM to conduct unnecessary and dangerous sterilization research on 100 wild mares in Oregon. Part of their announcement reads:

After careful consideration of multiple factors during the 30-day public comment period for the Warm Springs, Oregon, mare spay project, Colorado State University is withdrawing our partnership on the surgical spaying of mares. The project is led by the Bureau of Land Management and USGS. The decision to withdraw was made with the support of our involved researchers.

Front Range Equine Rescue had submitted comments to the BLM in opposition to the proposed plan. Dozens of other organizations and thousands of equine advocates did the same.

As of this writing, it is unclear whether the BLM will cancel their plans or seek a new partner elsewhere.

Following is some of FRER’s media coverage raising awareness of this issue prior to CSU backing out.