Wyoming’s Wild Horses Under Attack

For nearly two weeks, heartbreaking scenes have unfolded as Wyoming’s iconic Red Desert wild mustangs endure being brutally chased down. Full of terror, they are undergoing the largest wild horse helicopter roundup in history.  At least 613 have been captured, with 1,800 more innocent mustangs targeted before this cruel, unnecessary roundup ends.

The BLM seeks to deprive 2,400 wild horses in the Red Desert Complex of their freedom by capturing them using dangerous helicopter stampedes. What results are injuries, sheer exhaustion and even death, which included tiny foals.

The massive roundup comes after five months of brutally hot and too often smokey conditions making innocent horses suffer even more cruelly than ever. With no end in sight for the targeted horses, the BLM already is planning to extend these roundups into 2021.

These are just a few of the tragic results:

  • On one day, 121 wild horses lost their freedom. Meanwhile these same public lands permit over 20,000 sheep to graze each year, and just under 10,000 cattle.
  • On another daythe BLM captured 126 wild horses with one reported death. Note that more deaths often occur post roundup.
  • Just over a week ago, 84 horses lost their freedom after a terror filled chase. One horse who managed to escape the chute was seen alone in the hills, head hanging low from extreme exhaustion and despair as the rest of the family band were gone.

Additional roundup reporting included:
263 wild horses were captured a few days ago at what is called the Lost Creek HMA. One mare died in the temporary holding pen after being kicked in the head by another horse. Below freezing temperatures ranged between 15 to 28 degrees. A foal was seen struggling to keep up with the group as they ran for their lives.