U.S. Government to Allow Toxic Horse Meat for Human Consumption

Horse Meat is Unsafe for Consumption

Our lawyers were informed that the U.S. Department of Agriculture is going to review the application of Valley Meat in Roswell, New Mexico to begin the toxic, inhumane and environmentally disastrous practice of horse slaughter again. This is happening despite the fact that Valley Meat has been cited in the past for humane handling violations, food contamination, and for having piles of dead animals illegally on its property. Front Range Equine Rescue (FRER) has been working tirelessly to stop this before it happens, and to challenge it if it does start.

Horse meat is unsafe for consumption and, as recent news from Europe has shown, often ends up in products labeled as beef. American consumers have a lot to be worried about if horse slaughter actually starts on U.S. soil.

FRER’s investigation discovered a history of violations at Valley Meat which slaughtered cattle (see FSIS letter to Valley Meat below). Will the pile of rotting cattle carcasses be replaced by dead horses?

Photos of Valley Meat violations: